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Author Accelerator member, Teri Case, sat down with us for an interview about her new release, Tiger Drive.

Teri, we’re SO excited that your book is now available for the world to read! You did a lot of hard work to get here and we’re looking forward to chatting more about it.

Q: First off, tell us a bit about your book and the book coach you worked with on this novel.

Teri: My novel, Tiger Drive is a coming of age novel that I worked on with book coach Lizette Clarke.

Q: What moment are you most looking forward to in the publication process?

Teri: I am a process-oriented person so I’ve enjoyed many aspects of the publishing process, but I have to say, when I received the hardcover proof and the paperback proof I was a happy blubbering mess. Books are real! I actually said out loud to myself, “I did this.” And then I made a video about receiving the proofs — with my face in it — something I would normally never do!

Q: What is your favorite passage from the book?

Teri: Harry liked to say she should have been named “Fertile Myrtle,” but if she could do it all over again, she would’ve practiced abstinence when she was seventeen and never had any children. If she shared her thoughts out loud, Janice knew other mothers, including bad ones, would call her a horrible person. What kind of mother would say if she could do it all over again, she wouldn’t have her children? An unhappy one, she’d tell them. A mother who had struggled day in and day out to provide for her family and failed them. A woman so stuck in life she felt like she was wearing shoes four sizes too small, and every step in her life was excruciating and unrewarding, circle after strideless circle. And, worst of all, someone who was one choice away from hating herself. She would hate herself if she ignored this last chance to go to Nashville.

Q: What are you most proud of in terms of this book’s journey?

Teri: In TIGER DRIVE, the characters need to reach, learn, and grow beyond their familiar environment — literally everything they know about their lives and each other — in order to change their way of life. The characters’ journeys inspired me to start the Tiger Drive Scholarship three years ago, and since then, seven young people have received support for their freshman year in college. Most are on the Dean’s List!

Q: Was there ever a moment of doubt about the book? Would you be willing to share the darkest moment with us?

Teri: There were several moments of doubt! Every rejection letter from an agent — particularly AFTER a full manuscript was requested. But my darkest moment was due to a promise I made to the universe when I first drafted TIGER DRIVE in 2011: I would never tell my siblings’ truths and when in doubt, I would talk to them and make sure I was not. My family and the novel share archetypes, and since archetypes behave in anticipated ways, it was easier to stumble upon coincidences than you might think (especially in a family with secrets). Anyway, in 2014, one of my older brothers confided something in me, and at that point, I thought he would be hurt by what I had innocently written in TIGER DRIVE. I decided I would never publish the novel. Later, he asked me when I’d be publishing, and I told him about the book and my concerns about hurting him, and he was amazing. He said, “That’s not my story. Publish it already.” And so I have.

Q: What are the next steps in your writing career?

Teri: I am working on the second draft of my new book, IN THE DOGHOUSE, which I began writing with Author Accelerator and the Story Genius course (By the way, Story Genius helped me fix TIGER DRIVE when all other approaches failed). My plan is to publish IN THE DOGHOUSE in October 2018. I am very excited about this new story.

Q: Do you have any offers or special events happening that you’d like to let our community know about?

Teri: The first four chapters of TIGER DRIVE are available with a subscription to my website newsletter. And schedules permitting, if anyone does a book club with TIGER DRIVE, I’d be happy to answer your questions via Skype or FaceTime. Just email me at I am in the process of coordinating a book signing with my hometown’s theater company, and have just been invited as a guest speaker for a creative writing course in London. When the dates are finalized, I’ll share them on my website. And for my fellow writers in the creative trenches, please never hesitate to reach out to me for encouragement and support. You can do it!

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