My new release, Wrong Angle with co-writer Emerald O’Brien is out now!

Hi, I’m Jade Eby (Operations Manager at Author Accelerator) and I’m excited to bring you an exclusive interview about my new co-written release with Emerald O’Brien!

What inspired you to write this book?

Jade: After reading a string of mystery/suspense novels, I was itching to write one myself. But Emerald and I had always talked about writing a mystery together, too. So we decided to give it a go. Then, I found this article about a woman who seemingly disappeared without a trace and like most everything — I shared it with Emerald. We both felt that “click” that led us down the path of Wrong Angle.

Emerald: Jade often gets lost down mysterious rabbit holes containing endless amounts of information on unsolved crime cases. One night, after finding her way back, and knowing I too have a similar passion for all things mysterious, she shared a story about a young woman who disappeared one winter and has still never been found to this day. We were both discussing what we thought might have happened and it inspired us to write a similar scenario to begin with and have it play out in a way that was more specific to our characters (ones we had previously written on our own, that we decided would come together, drawn to the mystery just as it brought Jade and I together to write this story).

Tell us one surprising thing about your book.

Jade: We’re both usually good at titles, but we were stumped for a while on what to name this one!

Emerald: It might be surprising to know that Jade and I were initially unsure what each of our lead characters would think of the other. If they would become friends and work together, or stay separate, possibly getting in each other’s way. We let them do their thing and the result was very organic.

What was one struggle you had in the writing of this book?

Jade: Well, this is my first true “mystery” so for me plot was a bit of a wild card but luckily, Emerald is a mystery veteran and we were able to hash it out and ended up with something better than we expected.

Emerald: One of the only struggles we had was, as we approached the rising action, the story didn’t come as effortlessly in regards to plot. Up until this point, after our initial brainstorming and ideas, we simply wrote back and forth to each other in a comfortable rhythm. Once we reached a crucial point, we knew final decisions had to be made about where we took the thrilling conclusion. That’s when we had to discuss what our characters were most likely to do when faced with the challenges they had.

What do you dream your ideal reader will say to her best friend about your book?

Jade: I’d love for readers to say that they loved reading a mystery book with two badass female leads and that they were going to check out the rest of our books. ;)

Emerald: I hope they say that it was time well spent on a mystery with a suspenseful, unpredictable journey and a satisfying conclusion. I also hope they tell their friend they enjoyed the relationship that formed between our two leads. The highest compliment would be to recommend it to their friend so they could compare notes afterward.

What’s next for you in your writing life?

Jade: I’m working on revising my revenge novel, Until They Burn and drafting a new book, Stay with Me. I’m working with Author Accelerator book coach, Michelle Hazen on both!

Emerald: I’m currently writing the next novel in my mystery series that actually includes my character from this novella, Madigan Knox. It takes place after Wrong Angle.

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