Sarahlyn Bruck (Book Coach) releases Designer You!

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Sarahlyn (Book Coach) sat down with us for an interview about her new release!

What inspired you to write this book?

My husband was planning to build a roof deck on the third floor of our very old Philadelphia home, and I was terrified he’d fall off. It got me thinking, what if he did? It’s painful and frightening to think about that. I can barely write it down on the page. I witnessed my mother lose my dad way too soon — they were both 55 when he died. She had a 16-year-old at the time — my youngest brother — and he was still living at home and in high school. It’s a tough road. Although I didn’t want to write about my family, I did want to explore how you cope when you lose your spouse young. Not too young — my main character, Pam, is 44 — she’s done having kids, she has an established career. But Pam lives in a time when she has all this life left to live, but now without her husband and partner. I wanted to know how she and her teenage daughter could not only move on, but heal and create a new life with hope and happiness.

Tell us one surprising thing about your book

It’s not dark! I swear. There’s a lot of humor in these pages.

What was one struggle you had in the writing of this book?

Nailing the beginning. When I finished my first draft, Jennie was kind enough to inform me it wasn’t beginning in the right place. I had to start where HER story starts, from where she begins to take action.

What do you dream your ideal reader will say to her best friend about your book?

She’d say, “You have to read this book because it shows how we all cope imperfectly with tragedy and loss. Or just the unexpected. And how we grow because of it. Even though the story is about a serious subject, there’s also humor to it. You get into the heads of the characters and it sounds real and relatable.”

What’s next for you in your writing life?

I’m writing a new book as part of the Manuscript Accelerator program. I adore coaching writers and also love to be coached. It’s become an important part of my process.

Where can readers find more information about you and your books?

You can purchase Designer You at:


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