how you can get on the short list of Medium writers to whom I subscribe

a how-to poem

Jemaine Clement / source: gifer
From: Joe Váradi
To: Your Friends at Medium, My Friends at Medium
this email subscription thing
even by Medium standards
raises more eyebrows and
questions than it answers
we already have options
a plethora of vices
newsletters and digests
to flood our inboxes
and now, one more …
a personal subscription
to feed your instant
feedback loop addiction
(don't even get me started
on the latest pyramid scheme
the referral program ——
it makes me want to scream!)
would you like a glimpse
into the criteria
of how I rank writers
from awesome to inferior?
a clue or three, perhaps
to why I might strike on
this latest featurette,
that envelope icon?
first and foremost
you had to have stolen
my heart, with a sweet
story or po'em
second, you must not
be a serial blogger
pumping out pabulum
by day or by the hour
last but not least
it helps if you’ve shown
me some love, too  ——
yes, I'm reciprocation-prone!

dedicated to Bev Potter, who is freaked out by this feature, and to K.C., Tanya, J.L. and Sarah, who, having satisfied the above criteria, are the first writers I subscribed to



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Joe Váradi

Joe Váradi

Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"