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Sylvia Wohlfarth
Aug 23 · 2 min read
Image by Kurt Stocker from Pixabay

Please be subtle they said
And not prudish they pled
And rhyme about things
We all do in bed,
Or other places instead.

What a joke I first thought
As a story I sought
For ideas I had definitely naught.
But then I recalled an old tale
One fit to make anyone
Cringe and turn pale
Who can remember that ill-fated day
When Johnny and mother and father,
A surprise visit to grandpa did pay.

And so the story I’m now going to tell,
Which is really indeed very personal
Is about a family I knew
— And believe me, it’s true —
And should, I hope, never happen to you.

Standing in front of the door,
They heard a sudden loud roar.
“Oh, no!” exclaimed Johnny,

His eyes open wide
“There’s someone, I’m sure,

dying inside!”
And grabbing the keys, Despite everyone’s pleas,
He made a quick dash
And was gone in a flash
To unlock and open the door.

Into the parlour he ran,
With neither a thought nor a plan,
To a sound and a sight
Which had him perplexed. But too late to backtrack,
He stopped dead in his tracks
And so ruined our story’s climax

“Oh, what are they doing?”
Cried Johnny when he saw
His grandpa and grandma
On their brand new sofa.
“Are they wrestling?” he asked,
His face all very flushed.
“Now don’t you worry, my Dear”
Replied his mother and blushed
And then to Johnny’s surprise
She covered his eyes,
Adding, “They’re just having fun”
And doing what has to be done
And testing their new sofa‘s springs.”
So with a hush and a fluster
And a quick tidying of things
With no questions required
The family discretely retired.

After waiting a while,
They rang the doorbell
And with a forced smile
And a promised “I won’t tell”
— Though Johnny didn’t know why —
They started their visit all over again

Subtle here, subtle there, oh my!

Thanks to Joe Váradi for this… err… challenge:

No Crime in Rhymin’

poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

Thanks to Harper Thorpe

Sylvia Wohlfarth

Written by

An Irish-Nigerian soul living in Ireland after 40 years in Germany. A social anthropologist, English teacher, and more. With stories to share; and an opinion…

No Crime in Rhymin’

poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

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