Mask Consciousness

Thanks to Gerd Altman and pixabay for free graphics that help writers illustrate thoughts.

Center of face
question, or ask
breathing, holding
secret of mask.

Center of mind
sci, or sigh
searching, reading
secret of blind.

Center of trust
humans, or us
bearing, hiding
secret of just.

Center of guise
or — statistic
waxing, waning
secret of size.

QUESTIONS: What is the real meaning of wearing masks in society? The spread of germs is obvious, but…why are we really using masks? Are you being conscious of the wisdom of thinking before speaking because there is a cage around your mouth? Is there more effort expended to ‘read’ the languages that arise from other parts of bodies? Why does the word ‘mask’ contain ‘ask?’

SO: Poetry on, dear masked marauders of humanity. The fabric of our lives just got thicker.




poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

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Mary L. Holden

Mary L. Holden

A constantly evaporating editor and writer. Believer in medium since 2013 when they made me wait for an invitation….

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