a sonnet on the guiding light of love

James Khan
Jan 30, 2020 · 1 min read

Lussuria seeks what can only be brief
From boughs of my tree overridden by grief,
When shaken no fruit will have gathered beneath,
What falls to the earth is a skeletal leaf,

Oizys has her hands in the crook of my spine,
Dionysus relaxes and sips on his wine,
The Fates will adjudicate, sever the twine,
My spirit like Icarus drowns in the brine

So bring me your lips like a cloud to the moon,
Eclipse the maroon of my mental monsoon,
Like bleeding-heart sunsets you sing a fair tune,
L’amour vainqueur et la vie opportune,

For love will avail where the darkness will stain
And moonlight will guide us like words of Verlaine.

No Crime in Rhymin’

poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

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