Party Smartly

…or, how to RSVP with a NOmicron

Thanks to Alexandra_Koch / 1903 images and for use of this image.

“My secretions:
They won’t fit your
party décor.”

“My fever was
only higher
at disco’s birth
in years prior.”

“My cough is a
I need two masks —

“My failure to
attend your bash
may lead to some
social backlash.”

NOTE: So…just say “damn” …and don’t go to the party!

This era of pandemic will soon be history, and some day,
I’m sure I’ll be able to swallow without pain again (even
though I have no memory of what it was like to not have a
such a sore throat). In what may be my second time with a
COVID-19 infection (even after two vaxxes and a boost that
resulted in side effects), I’m writing from a place of hope:

With Kleenexes
and Listerine
let us wipe out
COVID’s machine!

In this last week of 2021, here’s to memories of past parties, hugs, concerts, sporting events, celebrations, and travel, and a knowing more good memories will be made as everyone continues the with the navigation that suits their individual paths through this epic pandemic adventure of life, health, death, and…belief in a force greater than self.

Healthy New Year, Everyone!




poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

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