My Quest to Possess Her

A poem about a relationship travesty.

Glenn Stok
Nov 15 · 1 min read
Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

My desire to be with her was good.
But I didn’t know where I stood.

Her words rubbed me the wrong way.
That’s really all that I can say?

Her anger came out with judgmental accusations.
And it happened upon many occasions.

With her words, she attacked from the left.
With her tone, she attacked from the right.
But I wasn’t itching for a fight.

She worried I would not see she is fine.
But I did, and I wanted her to be mine.

If only she knew,
She didn’t have a clue,
I had a desire high and above
To understand her for true love.

She felt my quest to possess her was too strict,
It was met with fear, insecurity, and conflict.

The outcome was pain that we both felt.
It’s a hand that is best not dealt.

It already might be too late.
I feel I should find a new mate.

About the Author

I write more all the time.
Not just rhythm and rhyme.
I make an effort to elucidate
As I share my thoughts to educate.

Copyright © 2019, Glenn Stok

Thanks to Joe Váradi

Glenn Stok

Written by

I write across 20+ niche websites to help and inspire others with what I’ve learned from research and experience. Author Website: www.GlennStok.com

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