Sex in Space*

I’ll rise to the occasion

Marilyn Flower
Dec 14, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Sam 🐷 on Unsplash

Inspired by and dedicated to Roz Warren

Like dancing an aerial ballet
We tumble at frolicking sexual play
Floating, ever so gravity-less,
between air-tight hugs and kisses
Lifting us higher and higher.

So freeing not to be bound
Arses soaring above the ground,
Clinging lightly to one another
As we hover
High above the controls.

Let go of needing anything other
Than me as your air born lover.
Allowing full play to every curious whim
Creatively utilizing each sensuous limb.

Without needing knees or elbows to anchor us
Come at me like an amorous octopus
From every possible direction
To my growing anticipated dilection.

Together we rise up to new heights
Born from our now weightless delights
Enjoyed in this hovering hovercraft.
While the crew’s bouncing around on the moon
I’m all yours till they return…

So ravish me in mid air
Catch my wondering underwear
This could become addicting
As it’s way far less restricting.

No holds barred my love
Go ahead, take me from above.
Oh, my God, how my thighs spasm
While having my first Cosmic Orgasm…

Oh, my God! Jesus! Mary! and Vixen!
Comet! Cupid! Donder! and Blitzen!

From now on, Honey, when we embrace
Let’s have all our hot sex in space!

This is where I got the inspiration for this poem, thank you, Roz! (Hint, hint, Curators!):

Marilyn Flower writes political humor and satire to delight socially and spiritually conscious folks. She’s a regular columnist for the prison newsletter, Freedom Anywhere, where she writes about faith and prayer. Five of her short plays have been produced in San Francisco. Clowning and improvisation strengthen her resolve during these crazy times.

No Crime in Rhymin’

poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

Thanks to Joe Váradi

Marilyn Flower

Written by

Writer, sacred fool, improviser, avid reader, writer, novel forthcoming, soul collage facilitator, prayer warrior and did I say writer?

No Crime in Rhymin’

poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

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