Sonnet to Organizational Charts

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

Lowly plebes boxed in bottom quarters
toil in bureaucratic obscurity
‘neath command chains charted to imposters
who boast an unworthy authority.
Heed the caste model wrongly supported
by shaky executive scaffolding
with grids of vertical arrows purported
to graph courses of services flowing.
Matrix micro-managers thrive in niches,
where whole control is solidly channeled,
ideas route through one-way brain switches,
while minds are parsed, drained, and dismantled.
This house of cards falls on its advisors;
dissent reports to no supervisors.

Gregg Sapp is the author of the “Holidazed” series of satires.

Tabulating Machine Co., December 1917; Picture by Marcin Wichary, CC attribution 2.5



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Gregg Sapp, a native Ohioan, is an award winning author of the “Holidazed” satires, each of which is set in Ohio and centered around a different holiday.