The First Step Away

poem about a breakup and the anger that follows

Nagoh Creative
No Crime in Rhymin’
2 min readJun 15, 2024


Lost Highway — Photography by Author — Nagoh Creative

the first step away

I need someone
to trust me in silence
I need to believe your heart
caused my violence

trusting your heart
for trusting my soul
the biggest mistake
your world’s ever known

healing the pain
that grows deep inside
casting me out
then trying to hide

this time I fear
your heart has won
but deep down inside
my rage has begun.

December 13th, 1998, @ 5:22 pm—that was when this was written. What happened? I do not know, but was I angry? Hurt? Maybe I was just hungry? It looks like I wrote it around dinner time (this is me trying to be funny). I do know that young love and the young emotions that my heart was feeling were not happy. It sure can make you feel and write some crazy things.

The image I picked reminds me of the album cover art from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails movie soundtrack, “Lost Highway”. I do know that album is somewhat dark, as is the movie…



Nagoh Creative
No Crime in Rhymin’

Writer, Astronomer, Photographer, Poet, & Encourager. On a road of life recovery and sharing my journey as I reflect on the pictures I have taken over the years