The NCiR’ Pre-Holiday Shout-Out

Esteemed Punsters and Rhymologists!

Is it just me, or is writing titles really hard? I admit I waffled and dithered quite a bit over the subject line of this newsletter.

Do I go for clickbait-y or sincere? Simple or elaborate? Are two hyphenated words too many? Do I capitalize ‘Out’ in ‘Shout-Out’? (Answer: yes, because it’s an adverb, not a preposition)

Do I make it rhyme, since that’s kind of our thing?

Before I digress too much, let me bring this back to my original intent — an end-of-year note to our anapestic assemblage, our poetic posse. (was that too wordy, Shira? ; )

Allow me to highlight some Christmas and New Year-themed pieces plucked from our archives of the past two and a half years. They illustrate the amazing well of creativity that springs from the bedrock of edgy, humorous poetry. I hope these will inspire some more submissions in the same vein — starting with this booze-laden rhyme from our newest contributor, Shereen:

A signature piece by Editor Laura that straddles the genres of romance, humor and horror as well as the holidays:

A day-after romp and celebration of family, from Bebe, in the proud NCiR’ tradition of paying satirical homage to the classics:

An impressive flight of limericks from Editor Harper:

Bittersweet messages of hope and defiance, from Patsy and Liam, in the wake of our first pandemic year-end:

What would the holidays be without a Rudolph send-up, courtesy of one of our most prolific writers, Bill a.k.a. Speaking Fiction:

I love learning new words, and thanks to Editor Mary we’ve all been gifted with the German equivalent of “bagpipe” — you are excused if that wasn’t your first guess.

And finally, a poem of my own that combines my two passions — rhyming and translation. I worked out this piece while on our family ski trip to to the Catskills last Christmas …

Happy Holidays!




poetry that dares to be funny, edgy, irreverent

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Joe Váradi

Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"

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