The Realization

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

It always happens for a reason,
The wise words you hear when going through a rough season
It’s never easy to accept,
But when analyzed in-depth
Turns out it’s true!
Those redirections were meant for you
As Steve Jobs said, you can only connect the dots in hindsight
But at the moment, feels like nothing is right
Pulling through this time isn’t the easiest,
Pamper yourself and do your best!

The land seems barren and dry,
Temperature’s rising; it’s a clear sky
For, every day of hard work is a tiny drop,
Evaporating and rising to the top,
Contributing to form a dense cloud
The day it rains; that’s when it pays off, making you proud
The land is now green, it’s a scenic beauty
That said, never forget your duty

Each working to form their cloud;
Don’t get too overwhelmed by the crowd,
Work at your own pace,
Try and forget about the race,
Focus on being a better version of you,
For, there is no one you have to prove to
The dots will surely connect,
Till then work hard, and give your best 😁



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