The Cheapest Time to Fly to Europe is Now

As summer starts to wind down (sad day) it is time to start thinking about a fall escape. And thanks to the fact that most people used up their vacation days during these past couple months, the flights to beautiful, international locations are cheaper than ever.

Photo by Eric Karim Cornelis on Unsplash

So if you are considering a fall vacation to say… Amsterdam, then you are in luck. Flights are now at some of their lowest of the year. And many of them are taking off from popular US destinations, including: New York, Chicago and San Francisco.


Why go? Because it is teeming with fun art exhibits during the fall, including topics such as Star Wars, Surrealist Art and the late Amy Winehouse. Plus, the weather is quintessentially fall: rain, a slight chill and of course, changing leaves.

Flight deals: You can fly round-trip from NYC for as low as $491.


Why go? Talk about a cozy fall vacation. Sometimes nothing sounds better than sitting next to a warm fire, in your coziest sweater drinking a nice Guinness. Luckily Ireland is the place to go if you are wanting a more relaxing vacation. Also, there are lots of interesting sites to see, all within walking distance, including Trinity College, Christ Church Cathedral and Dublin Castle.

Flight deals: Round-trip from Boston will only set you back $492, while a round-trip ticket from NYC is even less at $409.


Why go? This might not be the most obvious choice for a fall vacation but hear me out. While summer is the busiest and most popular time, heading to the ancient city in the autumn means less people, cheaper lodging and better weather. Plus, how pretty will the Forum look with lots of golden and red leaves dotted throughout?

Flight deals: From LA it is just under $500 at $490, while from NYC it is only $421.


Why go? Often touted as one of the most expensive cities in the world, Zurich nonetheless is a show-stopping location, especially during the fall. With great weather it the perfect time to take a nice hike in the mountains, check out festivals, including the Zurich Film Festival, and sample some of fall delicacies, like wild game and roasted chestnuts.

Flight deals: While the city itself is expensive, flights are surprisingly cheap. You can even find flights for$393 from NYC and $435 from Atlanta.


Why go? Wandering the city and its many canals as the leaves start to turn golden, sounds pretty good right? Plus the city has lots of great museums to check out, as well as cute cafes, yummy food and a great outdoor atmosphere.

Flight deals: Round trip flights from Atlanta are only $690, while flights to Amsterdam from Chicago are $533 and from San Francisco, its $652.

Photo by Grillot edouard on Unsplash

While many of us might be ready for a relaxing fall, especially if you have kids going back to school, it might not be a bad idea to start thinking about taking a fun fall family vacation. With good weather, beautiful scenery and a more relaxed atmosphere, adventuring to some of these locations might just be exactly what you need.

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