Astrum: The Development Roadmap

Update: We’ve moved our development roadmap to GitHub here:

It’s been just over 6 weeks since we introduced Astrum to the world and your feedback has been amazing. We’re actually starting to see a community come together around the platform and the fact that your helping each other with technical queries and general questions is more than we hoped for.

We’ve just released an update which includes a new feature - the facility to disabled code samples for components and just show the rendered preview - developed by Daniel R. C. Filho. You folks are contributing to the platform as well! We feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We maintain release notes through GitHub Releases so if you want to see an overview of all the bug fixes, improvements and feature additions we’ve been working on head over there.

We’ve had some fantastic feature requests and today I’m sharing the Development Roadmap for Astrum. We’re using Trello and we’ve made the board public so you can comment and vote on the features you’d like to see most. We’ll then priorities based on what you guys want to see the most.

To learn more about Astrum head over to You can also: