Sonder Camino Ti

New bike

If in doubt, buy something new

With all of the procrastination in my head, I did revisit my plan and as a result of doing so focused on what I can do right now, regardless of what I might do in a few months. So I bought myself a new bike, one I’ve been planning to buy for a few months, waiting until the right moment, like when I actually make a decision! Well, the Alpkit 15% bank holiday discount was an offer not to be refused, and as I have the West Country Way bikepacking route on my list of things to do, I will very soon be the proud owner of a shiny Camino Ti.

And I bought myself a Mercedes Benz Marco Polo to further extend my travel abilities. Oh, and as in We Bought a Zoo, in the same village, We Bought a Barn!

So all of a sudden life has changed again but not my plan. It may have been delayed but it’s not out of my head. Although even I am getting bored with the excuses now so I’ll focus more on what I’m actually doing rather than what I’m not!

Think then do. Or just do, then think later!

2 September 2019



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