Cultivated Meat — Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Here’s the major issues and current reality of lab-grown meat

Muscle Fibers under a microscope. Photo credit: Berkshire Community College Bioscience Image Library

When it comes to cultivated meat, the food scientist in me totally nerds out. The idea of growing meat outside of an animal is just the kind of stuff that gets me down weird rabbit holes of the internet for hours at a time.




What is fiber and why are we supposed to eat it!? Do you have no idea what probiotics are? I’m a trained food scientist hoping to help everyone understand what’s in their food and why, because once we are educated we no longer have to live in fear of what we eat.

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I’m a food scientist by PhD, a science writer, and a YouTuber. I’m fascinated by food science and enjoy writing and sharing what I’ve learn

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