Things I Didn’t Expect to Learn within 2 Months of My First Full-Time Dev Job

e.g. Raspberry Pi hacking, Android device kiosk-ifying and how art gallery installations are actually put together.

Team No Mayo mostly working from a raft in a gallery last week

Any company you interview with will probably say they care about their team’s learning. And I think they usually mean it. But I still worry.

Because learning can get chucked out the window whenever a client needs something, or there’s a stretch goal in the sprint, or an event to host.

And before you know it, that set of TinyCards you made still only has 2 sad little JavaScript facts in it.

So I was delighted to realise last week that, in the first 2.5 months of my new job, I’ve been able to tackle some fascinating challenges and learn a whole bunch of stuff.

Such as:

  • a bit about the inner workings of the art gallery world, specifically how hard and creatively many people work to put together an installation
  • how to make an Android device do whatever you tell it to
  • Raspberry Pi hacking (I’m now so ready to build a robot to look after my spoilt cats when I’m away!)
  • using a real-time Firebase database in a live project

(And this is all while wrangling half a dozen complex APIs for another No Mayo client’s custom data reporting platform…)

Being given enjoyable learning opportunities in your job is not something to take for granted. So I wanted to celebrate it here and let others know, as a way of showing my appreciation.

Y1 Q1 Verdict: Much learn. Much learn indeed.