Why San Francisco’s London Breed Handled the Pandemic Better Than Your Mayor

London Breed, CC-By, Gage Skidmore
Updated information available at https://sf.gov/data/covid-19-cases-and-deaths

Breed declared a state of emergency in the city of San Francisco before the first case was identified.

This is not to say Breed did everything right, she didn’t. She was as arrogant as California politicians usually are. She was as foolish as anyone who goes to the French Laundry in a Pandemic. She was annoying at times and dithered too much. She didn’t get resources to the right neighborhoods when it was needed. San Francisco took too long to reach out to local community leaders to spread and get information from poorer communities. Breed was a flawed Democrat in the most pedestrian of ways. But those character flaws didn’t prevent her public health experts from being able to put the fear of god in her about what was going to happen next, and that meant she made decisions that slowed the pandemic and saved lives.

Daily deaths in New York City

The 21st century will not be like that.



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