Sharing Videos is Hard Sometimes…

I have been watching some super cool videos lately, one in particular I just watched was a TedTalk about how our current education system is killing creativity.

I loved this video, I loved everything about it, and I want to share it in a way that other people will feel inclined to check it out because I felt so inspired. The problem… the video is sixteen minutes long, therefore no one is going to click on that link when they see that.

I want to snip it down, and share just that. I want to share the sentence that gave me that “in awe, holy cow, this is the coolest thing ever” moment, and share that. That would cut it down to less than two minutes, and then everyone would be more inclined to click on it.

I don’t know if I missed a memo or a meeting about this, but I don’t think there is anyway to do this on Facebook or Twitter, and instead you just have to share the link. I think it is something that would be an amazing thing to adopt. Video sharing would skyrocket and it could change the way society interacts on social media forever.

If social media really wants to take the stand and be a platform that allows people to share anything they want and really personalize the experience, these kinds of ideas need to be taken into account.

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