What If I Told You I Wanted a Love Button?

In Facebook news, part of my world was shattered when I heard that a dislike button was currently being trialed, and it may unveil any day now. It’s like adding a love button, it is just going to make it too complicated.

First of all, I think it is an awful idea. If someone really dislikes something they are going to comment. So true feelings will still unveil whether we want them to or not.

That was also the beauty about Facebook, is it was this open space where people felt comfortable to share thoughts. I think the dislike button is going to shatter confidence.

What if we just separated it out? What if brands had a dislike button, but personal media shared on your personal profile could only be liked, not disliked. That I could work with, because then Facebook still feels personal enough, which is what makes it so special.

I think a lot of buzz could come out of this… but I am not sure a whole lot of good will. I actually think the dislike button will bring more dislike than use of the actual button, but time will tell.

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