When Celebrities Mess Up On “Their” Social Media

I like to play a game, where I decide whether or not the post is coming from the actual person featured on the profile, or their agent who is running the profile.

I recently started following Demaryius Thomas very closely on social media, because I tried to get a selfie with him at a game for my 21st birthday (it didn’t work). Anyway, Instagram is the one area I see a lot of posting from him, especially since that is a platform that I check at least three times a day.

Demaryius Thomas posted the same picture twice, one with editing and once without editing. Both had over a thousand likes, then when I went back 10 minutes later to screenshot it, it was gone.

It is always a question in my mind whether or not it is the actual person in control, or a public relations/agent in control, and I think it’s safe to say on this one that is was Demaryius Thomas in control. I bet you anything though, that is was a public relations person, or his agent that caught the mistake, and made him take it down. It’s interesting that social media works that way….

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