The Truth About Those Startling People Scamming Social Benefits

The bottom line is you are hurting the vulnerable who really need it


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Despite the majority of my followers on Medium originating in other countries across our world, far out from Britain (although I do have a small few from areas across England & Scotland now) I am certain that you can relate to this article title, when I talk about those people who think it’s okay to swindle their way through life, scrounging welfare benefits from the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)… and getting away with doing it unchecked, for far too long.

These swindlers couldn’t care less.

They don’t give a monkey’s who they are hurting along the way whilst they are making up lies so as to be able to satisfy DWP requirements to get those benefits, just as long as they get them.

Those scroungers simply sit at home on their proverbial butts, playing the latest games machines, while eating fast food that they ordered on their phones day to day. CH4 Benefits Street.

What made me laugh loudly at the time was how Ofcom quickly received hundreds of complaints, criticizing the negative portrayal of people on benefits and the depiction of…



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