Living with Yourself — A Funny Netflix Series

Funny, but has a serious undertone

Living With Yourself | Netflix

In the past two days, I binged on six out of eight episodes in the Season 1 of a Netflix series Living With Yourself. I didn’t watch the trailer, it was a Netflix recommendation and I took that on the Face Value. Right from the first 10 minutes I was hooked.

Miles Elliot (Paul Rudd) is your average man, with a job in which he feels burnt out, a marriage which isn’t doing well and an overall depression. Story of everybody, right? At work, he sees his colleague who seemed to have turned his life around. Upon asking him his secret, the colleague gives him the card of a Spa at a strip mall. The spa mall, apparently changed his life. Miles, upon a lot of pondering goes on to take the services of the spa (for a whooping $50k). And this is where shit gets real.

Trailer for Living With Yourself | Trailer

I cannot talk about what happens next i.e. right from the second episode, without spoiling the punchline of the whole series. I’d talk at a meta level — the show underlines what is it like to live with yourself. There are many versions of us, and we are often rueful about losing out best version over the course of our life.

The show deals with this specifically — that you can always be better without being any different. There are some life choices which change us, and if only you could undo them, you become so different that you are barely recognisable. When we look back at our lives, what we were 5 years ago makes us jealous! That’s what the show is about.

I haven’t seen the last episode, so, I don’t know if a second season would be worth watching, but the first season is certainly bingeable! Paul Rudd gave an outstanding performance, with subtle changes in his posture and gait he managed to convey the two versions of himself. If you have ever watchedthe HBO series Bored To Death, you’d love Living With Yourself.

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No Spoilers Ahead!

No Spoilers Ahead! is about which shows to watch and more importantly — why to watch them

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No Spoilers Ahead!

No Spoilers Ahead! is about which shows to watch and more importantly — why to watch them

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