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365 Days of Album Recommendations — Feb 13

83 years young, and the man has a Grammy! As my Grandpa used to say, not so very bad …

So yeah, we’ll recommend it!

It’s soul-blues virtually through and through, and that’s all right. Mr. Rush has the funk to spare, and the grooves are solid.

You can take it fast on Funk O’ De Funk and I Don’t Want Nobody Hangin’ Around, and you can take it slow on Got Me Accused (which is a standout track!).

You can also take it real dirty on I’m Tired, a nice lil’ slab of acoustic blues to round the record out.

As to the guest appearances, it’s honestly kind of a mixed bag. Porcupine Meat with Vasti Jackson and It’s Your Move with Dave Alvin are cool. The Bonamassa track ain’t too bad, actually, which is surprising. That said, it ain’t amazing either. And the Keb Mo track is unfortunately as bland as you’d expect. Don’t be ashamed to skip that one.

But all in all, it’s a great accomplishment for a man who’s most certainly earned the recognition. Cheers to you Bobby Rush!

Originally published at on February 14, 2017.



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