My 2018 In Numbers

Noah Huber-Feely
Jan 1, 2019 · 2 min read

New Year’s resolutions can be very effective, but without looking into the previous year, one doesn’t have the perspective needed to improve. Without data on the metrics to enhance, one can’t even know if one is improving. I’ll continue to update this page as I compute more data.


My full 2018 report from can be viewed at but I’ve included some excerpts below [to be added]. I met my goal of 18,000 tracks without exceeding normal listening habits.


This was the first full year I became truly passionate about running and I logged 864.9 miles in total, well above my 365 mile goal. My Strava feed can be accessed at and my Garmin feed at

Running Distance for 2018


I took 3,898,599 steps this year for a daily average of 10,681. My average weight was 143.6 lbs. which meant it consistently hovered around my target average of 145 lbs. My average resting heart rate was 49 bpm and my average daily high was 153 bpm. I’m looking forward to seeing if the resting heart rate is lower for 2019 as my health improves with consistent exercise.

Active Calorie Burn for 2018


Using data collected via Wakatime, I spent 514.5 hours writing code. This consisted of 560+ commits with GitHub commits every day since April 1st.


Although I’m not necessarily proud of the hours I’ve spent watching TV shows and movies, I did manage to get a 4.0 GPA for the 3rd semester in a row while sustaining an average of 0.9 hours of media consumption a day (during my 8pm to 9pm relaxation period) which consisted of an entire 618 plays. My most watched show was Portlandia.

In terms of reading, I read 18 books this year, beating my goal of 12 books. This consisted of an average of 342.9 pages per book.


My goals were solidly met and I look forward to seeing how these metrics change and improve in 2019, driven by my retrospective look back at the last year.

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