Resolutions 2018: A belated publish

This past year has been full of exceeded expectations and I obliterated my 52 mile running goal with a total of 194 miles run. My academic goals were also fully achieved with the 4.0 GPA I achieved during my first semester. I’m already part way to all of this year’s goals but thought it still worth publishing for the drive of public accountability.

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

  • Run 365+ miles and beat all current Garmin records (
  • Regularly do 100 pushups in 2 minutes and 100 situps in the same time through daily practice
  • Continue my 4.0 GPA (with absolute minimum of 3.7 in worse case)
  • Practice mindfulness daily to have better control over my own mind and fall asleep faster
  • Read 12+ books for curiosity or fun (shouldn’t be a problem with 2 books already finished)
  • Listen to 18,000 songs because why not (
  • Get Ham radio license for fun and space technology development

My main goal list is significantly longer, but they extend to more mundane metrics like email’s sent and productive hours logged in RescueTime.


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