Textcrypt and the Fight for Privacy

I recently constructed my first Python pip module, but the implications are far greater than this personal accomplishment. Now any developer can simply type pip install textcrypt and instantly have 64-bit AES encryption at their disposal by simply typing textcrypt.encrypt(message, key) and its opposite function textcrypt.decrypt. It also has a powerful key generator that creates a randomized 16-character sequence.

This kind ease of encryption is what the world of technology needs and user privacy is dependent upon information being kept from prying eyes.

I have built a simple command-line password manager in Python that uses my module and allows you to fully encrypt your passwords and make them only accessible if you know the key used to encrypt them. You can find it at its GitHub repo.

The use cases are enormous from encrypting passwords to securing chat communications. Now all of this is a simple module away that will be constantly improving. I hope to soon offer 256-bit encryption, and will actively develop new features and components. You can find the current development version at https://github.com/huberf/encryption

Fighting for privacy is a simple pip away!

Source: Noah Codes

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