The Meaning of Life (a.k.a. my personal belief statement)

Noah Huber-Feely
May 24, 2017 · 2 min read

The universe needs no action to exist and all matter is progressing toward a state of no impulse and therefore no change. Humans have the arrogant assumption of our importance, but we are both meaningless to the whole of nature and pointless in our endeavors. A massive empire spanning the cosmos is viewed upon just as favorable by physics as a barren expanse of inert debris.

The only meaningful reason for existence is then in the moments and the feelings we elicit. The simple act of making someone smile to creating something beautiful is the path to take one’s mind off of one’s certain demise. The belief in a higher power or some grand meaning or direction are also effective ways to relieve the mind from the gravity of future.

Because life is inherently meaningless, one might as well live it to the full while giving others the equal opportunity. So long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, affording others the belief in their delusions serves no harm. For some, scientific conquest can bring relief, while for others a profound devotion to the illusion of a higher power serves a similar function. The laws of physics don’t require us believing or know them to operate, so studying them is only useful to forward are individual goals, so the pursuit of scientific knowledge is therefore meaningless.

In each interaction, the best path is to help spread moments of solace from impending doom. Bringing a hint of levity is an effective measure.

One million years from now, it is unlikely are actions will be remembered. We may have long since been wiped out by a massive war or we might be living in prosperity, and either way are current actions won’t be directly viewed by these individuals. Moments of kindness and compassion are therefore solely for the self and those immediately around you.

Put concisely, the proper pursuit is finding and living by the “why?” of it all. We can learn the “what, when, how, who”’s of the universe, but the why is not analytic and can be different for everyone. This “why” can make our lives less miserable to the degree we can continue living them. From religious devotion to entrepreneurial pursuits, the “why” is the only thing that matters in our pointless lives.

If you share a different perspective, please comment below as I’m happy to continue expanding and modifying my outlook.

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