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Best iOS apps working with Noah Coin

ave you ever thought how quickly the progress grows, especially in the Blockchain industry? We’ve reached the moment when cryptocurrency is not much of wonder anymore becoming one of the main drivers of the economy for some countries. It all began with an integration of a decentralized distributed ledger system in startups, but after a while, multinational corporations also stimulated interest in this technology.

As a result, hundreds of crypto solutions are mushrooming in the App Store, providing large opportunities to place, use and get additional information about your digital assets. So, do you have a portfolio which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum or altcoins like Noah Coin and one of the awesome Apple devices? The Noah Team crawled the App Store and found the most useful apps for your mobile device. We divided them into 3 groups: wallets, portfolio managers, and payment gateways. Let’s dive in our chart.

The dream team of wallets to store Noah Coin

ave you ever thought about what other apps you can use to store your NOAH Coin in apart from NOAH WALLET on your iOS device?

Well, now there are quite a few options there. Though Noah Coin is ERC20 you can use any ethereum wallet which accepts this type of tokens. Don’t waste time on finding the best one — we’ve done this job, just have a look at our list.

  1. The Eidoo — Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet that allows its users to manage their assets in the blockchain. This app also includes a crypto exchange feature to trade with your favorite cryptocurrencies. Put simply, Eidoo is not only a multicurrency wallet with a single backup passphrase and HD security level but also a crypto exchange. The Noah team suggests Eidoo a real swiss army knife in crypto wallets even for professionals.
  2. Mew connect. This iOS app allows users to access their wallet through MyEtherWallet, famous interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more. Mew connect eliminates the need to type their private key, the app utilizes a QR scanner and barcode. Now, using the MEW Connect app you simply scan a barcode on MyEtherWallet .com, which opens your wallet account using a peer-to-peer connection. It will ideally fit for classical MEW amateurs and bring them additional value.
  3. Noah Wallet. To stand out from the multitude of crypto wallets, we have developed the most user-friendly and easy to use the instrument to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies besides Noah Coins. Just download an app to discover awesome features:

- an intuitive interface for both inexperienced and experienced users;

- fast and faultless transactions via QR codes instead of copying and pasting wallet addresses;

- recording of all transactions in history;

- backup function to restore the wallet if required.

And the coolest thing — it’s free and doesn’t take much space on your device.

To sum up, this TOP 3 chart was made by being based on our opinion only. Furthermore, we’d now love to hear some feedback from you regarding which wallets do you think are the best ones so far? And which ones are you using particularly? Get in our Telegram Chat to jump in a hot discussion about the most suitable wallet.

Handy Tools for traders

emember that Noah Coin has been listed on 7 exchanges? Managing your assets in so many exchangers can be a complicated task, that’s why portfolio managing apps have a great value for traders. We’ve gathered the most powerful ones for those part of the community who really count their time and money.

Cointracking is a powerful must-have app for pro traders. Besides the average price tracking, you’ll be granted with a bunch of analytical features such as Realized / Unrealized gains, prices for your portfolio and individual coins. Moreover, developers provided UI improvements and even securitized the app with the Face ID in the last update.

CryptoCompare is another favorite manager of our team. It provides real-time data on 5,700+ coins, and 260,000+ currency pairs allow to track the investment portfolios and get the latest news from leading sources around the world. The app was created as an addition for main web service but got even more popular among the community.

Coinigy also has a bunch of useful features like customizable interface, integration with exchange API accounts and many more. To use the app, you’ll need to have a Coinigy account and get ready to pay $15 for a monthly subscription. Users can try a thirty-day free trial with no limits of usage for all its tools within timed sessions. We suggest that customizable interface worth it.

The majority of portfolio managers apps has a public share function. That means that you can share your success trading story among other Noah community members in our Telegram Chat as well.

Unique Payment Gateways

ayment Gateways add a huge value to any crytpoasset. That’s why the Noah Team expands the usage of Noah Coin by developing cool merchant apps and partnering with major players on the market. At the moment the iOS devotees can send and spend Noah Coins for a vast number of goods and services in an easy and intuitive way using. Stick to the list below to learn all the possibilities.

Noahpay Wallet is a part of a blockchain-based set of tools developed for both customers and merchants allowing them to make cryptocurrency transactions. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps everybody to easily understand the ways of its use. The registration process takes just several minutes. Users also can set two-factor authentication in order to protect their accounts. Besides, it’s possible to track how much money was sent or received.

CoinPayments is the first and largest crypto payment processor in the world, supporting bitcoin and over 1,000 altcoins. For the Noah Project, listing on such a large platform is a great achievement and another example proving that the project confidently meets milestones in its development. With the help of CoinPayments, you can find a way how to spend your Noah Coins among 2 million stores all over the globe in just a few clicks.

As a plus, we must mention a partnership agreement with PayRemit. It signified that Noah Coin owners gained access to 100+ PayRemit’s stores. Now you can book air tickets of Cebu Pacific Air, purchase special gifts for your loved ones at Sendah and even order fresh rolls at Goldilocks. Unfortunately, there is no separate app for iOS, but you can still use the web version from your mobile device.

The Noah Project catches a trend

arket researchers claim that by 2020, the app economy could double in size to $101 billion. Reports show that this growth will be driven by increasing app usage and greater smartphone adoption globally.

The Noah team creating a borderless world by developing new products and simplify people’s lives as much as possible. Now it’s time for Apple devices holders to dive into the world of digital payments and crypto solutions. Moreover, an increased number of tools may lead to 1.3 billion iOS members to join the Noah ecosystem. For more updates check our website and follow us on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.



CREATING A BORDERLESS WORLD. Noah Coin is one of the cryptocurrency that supports economic growth through blockchain technology.

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