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Diving into the crypto world. The full Noah Coin Guide

There are 7.1 million active Bitcoin users globally, of whom 2.3 million spend their funds on various goods and services while 4.8 million prefer holding them to make a profit. How do you dispose of your Noah Coins, community?

Our team made every effort to allow you to do both things! We listed our project token on seven crypto exchanges, concluded several partnership agreements with the leading payment gateways and launched several payment solutions to bring your crypto experience to a new level.

In order to help you quickly understand how to work with our products and dive into the digital space, the Noah team drew up a few comprehensive guides. It’s time to gather them together and recall what they’re about.

Raise your profit on crypto trading with Noah Coins

If you’re a risk taker and the bearish market doesn’t scare you, read our guide on how to increase your virtual funds several times. We hope that our advice will be helpful for both skilled users and those who just set foot on the crypto trading path. For newcomers, we’ve prepared a cycle of articles devoting to crypto exchanges. They cover registration, deposit, trading, withdrawal, and other issues.

If you choose to try your luck on HitBTC that was founded in Denmark in 2013 and quickly gained popularity among the traders, our guide will become your reliable assistant in exploring it. The platform is among the top 10 crypto exchanges and able to meet competition in the market. HitBTC can boast of a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs and excellent functionality. It’s trading volume reach several hundred dollars per day.

Our next instruction will teach you how to become an expert with the exchange service Changelly. It’s incorporated into the well-known platforms, such as Bittrex, Poloniex, and HitBTC. The service selects the best rate on these exchanges and stakes on. Users don’t need to search for the most advantageous offer on the exchanges on their own, register, as well as waste a lot of time because Changelly does their job automatically.

Do you want to try something else? Look into the manual that will introduce Mercatox to you! This exchange presents itself as a full-fledged financial market, where users can earn money by trading altcoins. The service includes a P2P exchange based on smart contracts, a payment system, an e-wallet, and automated trading. Mercatox uses multipurpose instruments that are highly appreciated by both beginners and professional traders. In addition, the exchange applies for referral and loyalty programs.

Do you plan to trade in rare altcoins and exchange them into fiat (US dollars, euros, and rubles) apart from Noah Coins? Take our guide to discover LiveCoin! Launched in 2014, this platform is focused on traders from different countries and available in many languages.

Use our instructions to meet the Estonian exchange Ataix that offers customers to try its One-Click Exchange tool to make trading a more seamless experience.

Consult this manual if you decide to acquaint yourself with BTC-Alpha that is among the top 100 exchanges by the trading volume per day. It numbers more than 100 cryptocurrencies and accepts fiat (US dollar). Besides, this trading platform has one of the longest lists of rare coins and doesn’t impose deposit fees.

Note that Noah Coin is also available on YoBit that has low deposit and withdrawal fees, high transaction speed, and a great number of cryptos. Users can earn additional bonuses by participating in InvestBox (investment platform that allows traders to receive up to 10% of the deposit per day) and in Dice (casino). Let us know if you need a YoBit guide, and we’ll write it!

Don’t hesitate to test all these services and make up your own mind about them, also share your observations with us on our Telegram chat!

Do shopping, travel, and have a great time with Noah Coins

Would you like to enjoy your virtual asserts right now, but you are not a trader? Stay with us, and we’ll familiarize you with solutions that help you manage your funds in a secure and efficient way.

First of all, you need a place where you can store your Noah Coins. For this purpose, our team developed a simple-to-use and convenient Noah Wallet that records all transactions, has a backup function, and instantly receives and sends money. Download and install the wallet on any of your Android or iOS devices. It’ll take you just a couple of minutes to learn how to use it. In case of any questions, go into our instructions.

So, do you know that with Noah Coins in your pocket (i.e. wallet) you can buy air tickets of the Cebu Pacific Air, send flowers to your loved ones through Sarisari, or pay for the Philippine government services (PhilHealth, Pag-ibig)? That’s not all! You can purchase any goods and services at more than 100 online stores of the PayRemit network, which is one of the largest payment gateways of the Philippines.

How does it work? Choose the item you want to buy at the appropriate store. Then select PayRemit as the preferred mode of payment. You’ll get a unique reference number. Go to the Noah Project website and fill in the PayRemit form located on the right side of the screen. Enter your full name, transaction number, email address, check I am not a robot, click the Send button, and pay for your goods.

In order to make your crypto payments smoother, quicker, and cheaper, download our blockchain-based set of tools Noah Pay. You can install the app on your Android or iOS device. Look into our detailed manual in order to learn the difference between the merchant and customer versions and all the steps of dealing with Noah Pay.

We expect you to find our guides and recommendations useful and effective. Let us know if you need more explanations or instructions, and the Noah team will endeavor our best efforts to meet all your requirements.

Stay in touch to receive updates about our new solutions and guides. Visit our website and join the growing communities on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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