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Do you have crypto? No need for anything else.

Have you ever thought about what ways you can spend your cryptocurrencies in? If you open Coinmap, you’ll find more than 14 thousand stores offering a vast number of goods and services from pizzas to Xbox subscription available for tokens. The residents of Ohio, for example, can pay 23 various taxes with Bitcoin! Did you believe several years ago that it could be possible?

It’s amazing how deeply crypto is embedded in all spheres of our lives. Medical and educational institutions, banks, restaurants, airlines, hotels, and a lot of other spots accept 2,000+ cryptos circulating throughout the world. Moreover, almost 32 million blockchain wallet holders are ready to use their money. What about you, Noah community? How do you utilize your Noah Coins?

7 simple ways to acquire Noah Coins

In order to spend your tokens on various wonderful things, you should acquire them at first. Noah Coin can be bought on 7 cryptocurrency exchanges 24/7. Do not worry if you are a beginner and only started taking initial steps in the digital world! For this case, we’ve already prepared comprehensive guides for you to make it as easy as possible. Our manuals describe in detail such useful wares as making a deposit, Noah coins buying procedures and much more.

So, Noah Coin is now available on the following trading platforms:

- HitBTC is one of the most famous exchanges among crypto traders. This top-tier player occupies the 13th place in the Coinmarketcap’s list of exchanging services and operates in more than 770 markets (see the guide).

- Changelly connects users with the trading cryptocurrency platform allowing them seamlessly exchange their virtual coins. The service is aimed at providing transparent and smooth transactions (see the guide).

- BTC-Alpha supports trading in both decent numbers of digital coins and USD fiat currency. The exchange is web-based with the charts by TradingView.

Mercatox is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that provides traders access to a large number of currency pairs from popular tokens such as Bitcoin and to Ethereum rarer coins. The platform also allows users to use its multi-currency e-wallet to store their crypto assets (see the guide).

LiveCoin allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, altcoins as well as fiat currencies (see the guide).

YoBit works in almost 500 cryptocurrency markets allowing traders to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other coins.

Ataix’s trading volumes considerably jumped when Noah Coin was listed there. Even the Japanese mass media mentioned this fact! This young exchange bets on security and reliability (see the guide).

Both newcomers and professionals will find trading on these exchanges easy and convenient. Haven’t you tried to buy Noah Coins there yet? Hurry up and test all of them to decide on your own which platform suits you most of all. Enjoy your trading!

Noah Wallet: Sleep well, your assets are securely locked up

Every crypto holder seeks for the best place to safe keep the assets to avoid such situation as waking up in a cold sweat having a dream that somebody has stolen them. If you are a trader, then you would definitely know that storing all your assets on the exchange is not the greatest idea. Going to store or spend your crypto assets? We recommend using a cryptocurrency wallet, but which one? The answer is very simple.

Our team created Noah Wallet, the user-friendly and point-and-shoot instrument that allows you to store, send, and receive not only Noah Coins but also other major currencies.

Noah Wallet provides holders with the following advantages:

- an intuitive interface for both inexperienced and experienced users;

- fast and faultless transactions via QR codes instead of copying and pasting wallet addresses;

- recording of all transactions in the history;

- a backup function to restore the wallet if required;

- a high-security level.

You can freely download and install Noah Wallet on any Android or iOS device. Explore the wallet right now! In case of any troubles, look into our detailed manual where you’ll find the right answers.

So when everything was set up on your wallet the shopping time is coming. The main point is what you can buy with your Noah Coins and where. The answer is right at hand! Noah Coin opens doors to a variety of goods and services.

Our Noah team always seeks to provide our supporters with hassle-free and fully efficient ways to acquire necessary commodities. In order to expand your payment options, we partnered with PayRemit, one of the top Filipino payment gateways. Thanks to this cooperation, Noah Coin owners gained access to 100+ stores of the PayRemit’s members.

For example, you can book air tickets of Cebu Pacific Air, the Philippines’ leading airline, buy fancy gifts for your loved ones at Sendah, order fresh rolls at Goldilocks, as well as purchase groceries and medicine at BeamAndGo. Welcome to Sarisari if your target is flowers and presents.

Besides, Noah Coin holders can pay for electricity bills (Meralco) and a wide range of government and telecommunications services (PhilHealth, Pag-ibig, Social Security Services, PLDT, Globe). Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Noah Coin: Travel, have fun, make your recreation digital!

Do you know what is more exciting? Among other things, Noah Coin offers you to make a journey to a sunny and picturesque Zamboanga del Norte where our Noah Resort is located. This place is famous with its breathtaking sunsets, long white sandy beaches, pearlescent sky-blue ocean, and mysterious caves that will touch everyone’s feelings.

To pay for accommodation and services, you can apply our innovative payment application Noah Pay. The Android users can already test it! Just download the app to your device, install it, register an account, replenish it with money, and then proceed with purchases! Follow our instructions and the world will be your oyster. Forget about copying and pasting wallet addresses, the QR code will allow you to pay just in one click.

We also developed a business version of our Noah Pay for vendors that actively include cryptocurrencies in their payment portfolios. The Noah team hopes that our blockchain application will encourage even more sellers to deal with digital currencies. Noah Pay is demonstrating how simple, quick and secure can be crypto payment acceptance. The more merchants will join the Noah ecosystem, the more amazing opportunities our dear community will obtain.

Looking ahead: A hi-tech haven is on the way

Our specialists are going to move forward and introduce new effective products and solutions. We are currently developing the Noah City, the future crypto hub that will become a part of Horizon Manila to be erected in Manila Bay. It’s expected to attract the attention of crypto traders, merchants, blockchain startups, and those who want to conduct their business in a full-function and high-performance crypto environment.

Stay in touch to be the first to learn about our next solutions and its benefits. Visit our website and join the growing communities on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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