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How To Ensure The Noah Project Growth

The Noah Project is attracting more and more people. But a larger community means bigger responsibility. The efforts of the development team alone are not enough to maintain the project’s stability. Therefore, an active community is very important for stabilizing the Noah ecosystem.

You already know that the Platinum Team is doing everything possible for the Noah community: it supports and develops the Noach blockchain, creates new ways for earning money, is involved in the promotion of the Noah Project and in the growth of the community. Our main goal is your well-being.

We ask that you too support the Noah Project. The best thing you can do to assist is to either hold NOAHP on your balance or Delegate them for a good annual profit. These measures are a necessity for the steady growth of the project and for Noah Blockchain’s stability.

However, we’ve noticed that many users are selling NOAHP tokens automatically at the market price. This actually causes instability in the Noah ecosystem, because:

  • massive non-competitive sales of NOAHP tokens lead to lower prices.
  • the load on Noah blockchain increases due to a large number of transactions (especially after the monthly unstake).
  • fewer tokens are involved in the Delegation process, which negatively affects the network.

But most importantly, NOAHP holders lose 15–20% of what would otherwise be easy profit by selling automatically. We want to explain how to get more money for your NOAHP tokens.

How to earn an additional profit

The main oversight is that most users don’t place Sell Orders, they use the Market tool instead. We understand that this method of selling tokens is the easiest but you end up losing profit. The operation is performed at the lowest price on the market — below 30 satoshi.

We are offering you an alternative that will make the trading of NOAHP tokens smoother and will earn you 15–20% of the value of your assets, without doing anything!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Limit tool.
  2. Select a pair of NOAHP/BTC.
  3. Set the number of NOAHP tokens for sale.
  4. Determine the selling price (we recommend using 35 satoshi, which is 15–25% higher than the standard selling price).
  5. Click on “Sell NOAHP”.

A Sell Order will be created. You will receive your BTC as soon as there is a buyer ready to purchase your tokens at the given price.

Growing demand

We want to explain why the proposed scheme will work, in anticipation of questions from the critics. At present, the Noah Project has gained popularity and the NOAHP token is in demand. Daily trading volumes are worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, the situation in which the created order is forever executed at a mere adequate price is excluded.

By following our suggestion, you would be helping the Noah Project and benefiting yourself at the same time. Increasing the selling price of NOAHP token will cause a chain reaction and the price will begin to go up. The project would then begin to attract more participants, which means that the demand for the NOAHP token will continue to grow.

We are counting on you!

We are trying to create something unique and valuable and cannot achieve this without your help. Therefore, we urge the Noah community to act consciously, especially when selling NOAHP tokens. We are grateful to everyone who has helped the Noah Project to develop and believe that together, we will make the project great!

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