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How to use BTC-Alpha exchange on the example of Noah Coin. Full guide!

ear friends, we continue to acquaint you with the cryptocurrency exchanges. Today we will speak about BTC-Alpha, which was opened in 2016. This trading floor allows users to exchange both cryptocurrency and fiat money. Since it has a simple and intuitive interface, you will easily understand how to use its trading instruments, charts, and other functions. BTC-Alpha supports two languages — English and Russian. The main currency pair is BTC/USD. The exchange allows you to withdraw any cryptocurrencies to the digital wallet but you cannot send your funds to the credit cards or do it by bank transfer. You can withdraw as much funds as you want; BTC-Alpha doesn’t set any withdrawal limits. If you want to withdraw fiats, note that the exchange allows traders to withdraw only US dollars.

So, it was just a brief introduction. Now, we offer you to proceed to the registration. Otherwise, you will not be able to buy your first Noah Coins. Let’s go!

How to register on BTC-Alpha

to BTC-Alpha. Press the red Register button at the top right corner of the screen.

You will see the Sign-Up window. Enter your email, password, and password confirmation. Accept the terms and conditions, check I am not a robot and click the blue Sign Up button.

BTC-Alpha will offer you to verify your email.

Go to your email and follow the link to verify it. When a new page opens, enter your email and password and press the blue Sign In button.

Congratulations, your email is verified! Now, you should deposit your BTC-Alpha account to be able to buy your first Noah Coins. We know that you’re looking forward to doing it. Just hold on for a little longer.

NB. Every time you will enter the exchange, BTC-Alpha will send you the email notifying you of a successful login to your BTC-Alpha account.

How to make the first deposit

to your account by pressing the blue button at the top right corner of the screen with your login. Choose the Finance tab in the pop-up menu — there you will see the list of cryptocurrencies available on this exchange.

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. For this guide, we have chosen Ethereum (ETH) and we will use it to show you all the steps. Click Deposit ETH.

You will see the following page with the address and the QR code for deposit. Use them to send ETH from your wallet to your BTC-Alpha account.

When you receive your funds, they will be displayed in the Available and Balance columns.

Now, when your BTC-Alpha account is deposited, you can buy your Noah Coins. It’s very easy — you will become a happy Noah Coin owner in several minutes! Aren’t you excited?

How to buy Noah Coins on BTC-Alpha

ress the Exchange tab. You’ll see a section at the left side of the screen — enter Noah in the Search field. You’ll see the data on the Noah Coin trading.

You’ll find the Buy section under the chart.

Enter the amount of NOAH you want to buy, the price at which you want to buy Noah Coins, and press the blue Buy button.

Your order will be added to the list of active orders and disappear when the transaction is completed.

Besides, you’ll be able to see this information in the Active order tab. If you press the red Cancel button, your transaction will be canceled. Below we will describe the situation when you may want to do it.

If you go to your account, you will see that the ETH amount you have chosen to buy NOAH was transferred to the Reserved column.

As we’ve promised above, we’ll explain when you can cancel your order and make a new one. If you notice that you’re not able to buy Noah Coins for a long time, you can cancel the order and change the parameters — for example, the price. Let’s imagine we wanted to buy Noah Coins for 18 ETH but we had to wait for a long time when anybody agreed to sell them for such price. We didn’t want to wait and decided to set a new price. If you are in the same situation, cancel your order. Press the red Cancel button in the Active order tab. You will see the following page. Click Confirm.

Then repeat all the above-described actions and enter a new price. Use the Recent Trades section in order to see the recent prices at which Noah Coins were traded.

We changed the price from 18 ETH to 19 ETH.

A new transaction has appeared in the Active Orders section.

When the transaction disappears, go to your account and enter NOAH in the Search field.

The amount of Noah Coins bought by you will be displayed in the Available and Balance columns.

You have just bought Noah Coins! Congratulations!

Now, we will show you how to sell your Noah Coins. We believe you won’t want to do it but our goal is to give you the fullest information.

How to sell Noah Coins on BTC-Alpha

ook at the Sell section and enter the amount of Noah Coins you want to sell.

Use the Recent Trades section to see the prices. Enter the price at which you will sell your Noah Coins for sure.

The transaction will appear in the Active Orders section.

In addition, you’ll see it in the Active Orders tab.

Moreover, when you enter your BTC-Alpha account, you’ll see your Noah Coins in the Balance and Reserved columns. It means that NOAH is at the stage of sale.

When you sell your Noah Coins, we recommend you to transfer your funds to your wallet. We’ll demonstrate you how to do it. Let’s start!

How to withdraw your coins

ind the ETH row in your BTC-Alpha account and click Withdraw.

You’ll see the following page. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and the wallet address to send your coins, then press the Withdraw Funds button.

The following window will appear. Press the Open Mailbox button to go to your email and confirm the action.

For this purpose, follow the link provided in your email. You’ll see the following message:

Check the data and press the Confirm button. You can trace the withdrawal process in the Withdrawals History section.

When the Processing status will be replaced with the Done one, it means that your funds have successfully been sent to the address specified by you. Check your wallet to make sure that your coins have come to your wallet.

As you see, it was quite an easy and interesting journey. Now, you know how to work with BTC-Alpha. Good luck with your trading!

So, BTC-Alpha is a young cryptocurrency exchange rendering services of trading in a great number of coins and fiats. The trading platform with charts allows the users to make decisions quickly and close the transactions. Also, the exchange gives a small bonus to newcomers. At the same time, there are few ways to withdraw the funds, some of which require large fees. We can point out the following pros and cons:


  • Support of fiats
  • A great number of coins
  • Low fees from 0.20 to 0.25 percent (users pay fees depending on their monthly trading volume)
  • Modern trading platform
  • Intuitive and nice interface


  • No mobile app
  • Only two languages
  • Among fiats, only US dollar is provided
  • Impossibility to use bank transfers and credit cards
  • No cold storage
  • No margin trade
  • No anonymity
  • No regulation

If you want to learn more about our cool Noah Project, join us in our official Telegram chat and we will answer all your questions. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news.



CREATING A BORDERLESS WORLD. Noah Coin is one of the cryptocurrency that supports economic growth through blockchain technology.

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