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Noah Project Update #28

Once again we bring you a package of the most important news about the Noah Project! The decrease in the number of Citizenships, the introduction of a new voting system, the replacement of Noah Payment Cards, and more — find the details below!

Crypto news background

The crypto market has been full of small but important events. The major currencies are gradually leaving the consolidation phase and are headed for steady growth.

1. Bitcoin has quickly come back to its briefly lost position of over $9000 and is seeing slight gains daily. No signs of the big rally are present, but the market is mostly bullish.

2. Rumors about the upcoming Coinbase IPO have surfaced again and the reception has been mixed. The public listing of the company might attract new investors and capital into crypto. However, skeptics claim that this might simply be an opportunity for a lucrative exit for early investors. Coinbase itself has not yet confirmed or denied the plans for the IPO.

3. Governments continue to show more interest in cryptocurrencies. The US Internal Revenue Service is opening a division for crypto transaction investigations and is looking for outside help. Earlier, the US Marshal Service announced that it is looking for a contractor who would store and sell confiscated crypto.

Meanwhile, the correspondence of the Bitcoin price dynamic with the S&P 500 index has been growing stronger by the day. While it might be partially going against the “BTC is the new dollar” narrative, it is still a testament to Bitcoin’s great potential for growth.

Noah Project news

The last two weeks were very busy and many more updates will be coming soon. The Noah Project continues to grow and enhance its services. Here are the biggest news items:

Noah Citizenship sales

The third round of Citizenship sales starts on July 15. This time there will be fewer Citizenships on sale, following the overall decrease in the number of Citizenships. More details will be available in the official announcement later.

The number of Citizenships will be reduced from 50,000 to 10,000. This will allow Citizenship to become an even more exclusive and valuable asset. You can vote on the issue here.

New Voting system

We are updating the Voting system in Noah Wallet. Now everyone can create a proposal and influence Noah City. Each petition will have to pass three stages: initial voting, review by Congressmen and Senators and the final vote, which will be followed by implementation.

We are also changing the ‘voting power’ system to better represent the interests of the community — find out more details and share your opinion with us here.

Noah Payment Cards replacement

Upon close inspection, we found that the old Noah Payment Cards are not up to our security standards. These old Mastercard cards will be replaced with new Visa cards which are more stable and function faster — all the funds will be transferred to the new cards automatically. The replacements will start soon.

Noah City website

The new version of the official website of the first decentralized state is going live soon. There will be new features and a new design — be sure to check it out!

“True or False” contest

Are you ready to put your crypto knowledge to the test? Then take part in our “True or False” contest.

The rules are simple: answer a series of questions and win 30,000 Noah coins!

There will be 3 statements about Noah virtual city in these chats. Some of them are true, some are false. All you have to do is to select “True” or “False”.

The contestant who gets the most number of right answers will be the winner! If there is a tie, we’ll hold an additional round! Each round lasts 5 minutes.

The contest will be held live in the following groups:

NOAHバーチャルシティ NOAH Virtual City

NOAH普通の島 NOAH Ordinary Island

NOAH土地購入 Land Purchase

Thank you for reading this digest. We aim to share all the updates with you and to always keep in touch. Stay tuned for more news!

You can always find all our updates first-hand, just follow these links:

Noah BTCNEXT Exchange:

New Noah Blockchain ecosystem:



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