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Noah Project Update #31

The Noah Project continues to bring prosperity to its community despite the hard times. We still keep releasing awesome developments: the Noah City website was updated, we launched the Marketplace and conducted a promotion with NOAH coins as the reward. Jump into the update flow right now!

Crypto news background

The crypto markets are experiencing a slight upswing this week. Several significant events occurred over the past few weeks:

  • Bitcoin price. Last week BTC managed to conquer the $12,000 mark. The maximum price climbed up to $12,500. But the bulls didn’t manage to protect this height and the price collapsed to $11,500. Now, the bears have a chance to push it down more.
  • ETH 2.0 zero phase. The developers confirmed the launch of the zero phase of ETH 2.0 this year amid problems with the testnet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for ETH.
  • Abnormal transaction prices. The load on the Ethereum network caused the price of transactions to rise. At its peak, the translation cost was $6. The reason for this “congestion” on the network is DeFi platforms, which are actively gaining popularity. ETH 2.0 should be the solution.

We can confidently expect a pull-back in the crypto market while BTC and ETH are not in the best conditions. But sooner or later, the growth will continue.

Noah Project news

The Noah Project continues to evolve. A new awesome line of products is coming out; soon Japan’s border won’t be able to contain Noah Project’s growth! Here are the most important updates of the past few weeks:

Noah City website

We have launched an update on the Noah City website. We have totally changed the design and invite you to check it out!


Don’t know how to utilize your NOAH coins? We have launched the Marketplace. Now you can buy and sell goods with NOAH. The Marketplace is currently working in test mode. We will not charge any fees at this stage, so you are welcome to try it out now!

Additional NOAH coins

Want to earn additional NOAH coins? Our BTCNEXT colleagues launched a promotion with prizes. Help us promote the BTCNEXT Exchange and get a reward. Follow the link to make some additional NOAH tokens.

Release diary

Now you can track all our projects’ updates in a convenient form. Every day we post “release diaries” in our chats. Be at the centre of our projects’ updates!

Noah Project development continues at full speed. No matter what happens — it’s our biggest priority! Join us next time, we will prepare more exciting updates!

You can always find all our updates first-hand, just follow these links:

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:



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