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Noah Resort: Tropical Paradise for Cryptocurrency

If you plan a vacation, you’ll see many alternatives in front of you: go by plane to Europe, enjoy a sea cruise or even fly to space. The choice is huge indeed. Evidently, today’s tourism industry is changing at an astronomic pace. But as people are turning more sophisticated in their desires, they seek for even more unique forms and ways to rest. And cryptocurrency can become a gateway to a new unrivaled travel experience.

Cryptocurrencies, built on top of the blockchain technology, can help facilitate all business processes that are carried out by tourists and business that serve them. As of today, the forerunners and early tech adopters have already emerged in the market, showing the potential that cryptocurrencies bring to the table.

For instance, a Taiwanese airline, FAT Taiwan Inc., was among the first tourism companies that have started to accept cryptocurrencies. In this way, digital assets can streamline the payment procedures, making life easier for both carriers and passengers. Swiss company Winding Tree also stays at the forefront. It allows airlines and hotels to connect with travel operators and agencies directly, without intermediaries and excessive fees. What’s more, Winding Tree has already established partnerships with Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, Swiss International Air Lines and Austrian Airlines.

Another great blockchain venture involved in tourism and has a lot to offer is the Noah Project. With the focus on long-term projects, the team seeks to develop a splendid resort complex in the Philippines and popularize the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, showcasing the benefits they can provide to travelers.

What makes the Noah Resort unique?

The luxury resort created by the project will find its place within Dakak Beach Resort and expects to become a true haven for technology adopters and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world.

By creating the internal token, Noah Coin, the project aims to unveil the full potential of digital money and let every visitor of the Noah Resort transact in it: conveniently, securely and hassle-free. The token, in turn, will become the gateway to the facilities and endless entertainment the resort will offer.

Located on Zamboanga del Norte, Noah Resort will open its doors to those who wish to find inner peace and admire natural beauty. Here, tourists will enjoy a soul-searching kayaking trip against pristine landscapes and quiet magnificence of lush jungles. Tours will take travelers to a series of lovely coves with picturesque view of the sea.

The team is convinced that the Noah Resort can become a travel paradise thanks to the nice blend of technology and marvelous landscapes that will draw visitors from all over the world.

Besides, the future resort is called to bring unique and exciting experiences to visitors.

Today, more and more tourists are in search of something new, genuine and unusual. Quirky bars, restaurants and cafes, natural places of interest where locals themselves hang out, salt-of-soil events like sports matches and festivals are what people look for. Many prefer active pastime to watching the world around through bus windows.

The Noah Resort will offer a wide range of various activities. The adventurous visitors would be pleasantly surprised with many things to do here, such as scuba diving, jet ski, ziplining, rock climbing, wakeboarding and much more.

Finally, what makes the Noah Resort and the project developing it so innovative is cryptocurrency. The luxury complex will be a place, where digital money will be always welcome. Using the project’s internal token Noah Coin all the visitors will have exclusive access to the services, entertainments and facilities.

The Noah team hopes that “The resort will become an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city noise, where people will indulge themselves in amazing tropic nature, marvel at breathtaking views and relax. And with our token being accepted, the Noah Resort will turn into a go-to destination for those who want not only to rest, but also to make the most of their digital assets”.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are disrupting many industries, and tourism is not an exclusion. By absorbing new technologies, it evolves into new forms to bring an unrivaled experience to travelers worldwide. The crypto resort that is being developed by the Noah Project is one of the examples where blockchain and tourism connect and open a new borderless world. You can get your ticket to this crypto haven today, as Noah Coin is traded on 6 exchanges: HitBTC, Changelly, Livecoin, Mercatox, Yobit and BTC-Alpha.

To learn more about the Noah Project and its tropical paradise, visit the official website and follow the project on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned!



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