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Noah Project Update #30

Noah Project development never stops! We’ve come with valuable updates again: Noah Passports arriving in Japan, the new withdrawal limit mechanism has been introduced, the Leaderboard is now available. Learn more right now!

Crypto news background

The crypto market showed substantial growth during the last two weeks. However, the increase in price brought additional volatility and the market movement became unpredictable.

  • Bitcoin touched a $12,000 height but since then has dropped by $400. The majority of experts predict a subsequent bull-run, but a roll-back to below $11,000 seems to be a possibility too.
  • Facebook is struggling to launch its payment initiatives. David Marcus, the well-known Libra project co-founder, is heading the new payment unit of the company.
  • China is building up blockchain capacity. Recently, they launched an official website for nation-wide blockchain-based Service Network (BSN).

We can expect a continuation of growth in the crypto market, even if a roll-back appears. Basically, the news background is positive and can’t harm the rally too much!

Noah Project news

The life of the Noah Project is pulsing with every action of our Noah community members. We, as developers, never stop our activities either and are glad to present some valuable updates.

New withdrawal limit mechanism

We have implemented daily withdrawal limits, determined by the user’s status and the balance of their account. Citizens themselves decided on what the limits should be in two votes. The limits vary from 100% for Senators to 5% for non-citizens. Details сan be found here.

1. Leaderboard

There is a new page in Noah Custody Wallet — Leaderboard. This is where you can check out the most active Noah Project members and see their progress in terms of how many NOAH.A points they have earned. Every Noah community member can complete simple tasks, earn points and compete for weekly lucrative prizes.

2. Unique Noah Portrait

Now every Noah community member can order a unique digital portrait from Platinum’s designers. The portraits are fully customizable, you can choose any style and add any details you like. Follow the link to find out more.

3. Noah City Achievement

Noah City reached another milestone — there are now 2,000 Citizens. We have come 20% of the way. Remember, Citizenship pays itself off in one year and even if you bought it at a discounted rate, you will still get the full price back!

4. First 100 printed Noah Passports!

The first 100 Passports have arrived in Japan! The Passport opens up new opportunities and bonuses and also serves as a unique document for meetups. Other Passports will be sent soon. Buy your passport today from John Forbes.

Noah Project is turning into a place where you would want to live and earn. We’re doing everything to bring you comfort and prosperity — stay tuned for new awesome updates!

You can always find all our updates first-hand, just follow these links:

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:



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