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Noah Project Updates #26

The Noah Project’s development never stops! We’ve come with valuable updates again: Noah Passports and Noah Payment Cards are arriving with their owners and the Noah Citizenship sales are almost over. Learn more right now!

Crypto news background

Sideway movement is what the cryptocurrency market is all about now. Take a look at the most crucial events of the last 2 weeks:

  • Bitcoin price stuck below the $10,000 mark. BTC tried to conquer that height a few times but failed. However, bears tried to push the price to below $9,000 and failed too.
  • Strange transactions appeared in the Ethereum network. On June 10th, an unknown person transferred 0.55 ETH, having paid 10 668 ETH (about $2.6 million) as a fee and the next day, the same took place.
  • China began a witch hunt. Law enforcement agencies have frozen assets in the bank accounts of thousands of over-the-counter cryptocurrency merchants and their customers, due to money laundering allegations.

The situation with the Bitcoin price leaves less chance for the growth to continue. $9,000 looks like strong support but we can soon watch if the sideway movement continues. Events in China show their preparation for the CBDC launch. If it takes place soon, BTC mining will be in danger.

Noah Project news

The army of Noahians is growing with tremendous pace, so is the Noah City population! We’re adding fuel to the fire by presenting great updates, here are the most valuable ones:

Noah Payment Cards Arriving!

Noah Payment Cards are reaching their owners! A new batch of 179 cards have already been delivered to their intended addresses. It means that 179 more Noah community members now have a versatile bridge between the digital and real world. We suggest you order your Noah Payment Card right now and start using cryptocurrencies with ease.

Noah Passports are on the way!

Noah Citizens are finally receiving physical passports. Soon, all residents of the first decentralized state will get the physical copies of their Noah Passports. They will get a chance to travel internationally, using this passport, in the future.

Noah Project new roadmap

We’re moving ahead of the Noah Project roadmap and are already preparing new development steps. A new roadmap will be available soon — don’t miss it!

Noah Citizenship sales are ending soon

The second round of the Noah Citizenship sales is closing. There are only 2 weeks left before the end — use this time well and join Noah City. We will announce a new round of Noah Citizenship sales at the beginning of July 2020.

Please note, all Noah Congressman statuses are sold out! The Congressman is the most privileged Noah Citizenship level after the Senator. It brings huge daily profit to its owner but you can still purchase other statuses — check out what’s available in Noah Custodian Wallet.

The Noah City website new look

We’re preparing updates to Noah City. We’re planning a design rework and adding new useful sections — stay tuned so you don’t miss the update.




CREATING A BORDERLESS WORLD. Noah Coin is one of the cryptocurrency that supports economic growth through blockchain technology.

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