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Noah Wallet: Manuals on Use and Benefits

We are proud to present the mobile wallet for Noah Project that you can download for Android devices from Google Store at this page or for iOS from App Store. Noah Wallet is easy to use, intuitive and surely will be appreciated by everyone who wants to make fast, convenient transfers or cheap remittances to their families at home.

Create a wallet

A crypto wallet is a piece of software that is used to store, send and receive cryptocurrency. You can store your crypto both on exchanges and in your own wallets. Since exchanges might be hacked, it’s much safer to store your assets in your own wallet. You can create a Noah Wallet for Android and iOS devices. Go to this page in Google Market and here in App Store to install the wallet.

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll see this screen. Select “Create Wallet”.

At the next screen, you will need to create the password and confirm it. Then check that you agree with the Terms and click on “Create”.

At the next screen, you will see the text that you need to back up the “key store” and password. The key store is your private key. Click on “Show Key Store”.

At the next screen, you can choose whether you want to save the keystore or the QR code.

The easiest way is to click “Click to copy text” and then store that piece of text in a file on your mobile phone or tablet. After that, click “Done”. Do not send this info by email and store it securely.

That’s it. As you can see, creating a Noah Wallet is super-easy.

How to receive tokens

Getting tokens into your wallet is easy too. Just click “Receive” button in the low right corner.

At the next screen, you will see your public address and the QR code.

If you want to send somebody your public address, click on the button “Copy wallet address” and then send it via email or another method.

If you want to, you can also show the tablet to your partner, who will scan it and get your info via a QR code.

To get back to the main screen of the wallet, use the back button on your device.

How to send tokens

If you already have some tokens, you can send them. As of now, the wallet supports two cryptocurrencies: NOAH and ETH.

If you want to send Noah Coins, click on NOAH.

Then, you will see the amount of NOAH that you have. Click “Send”.

Next, you will need to specify the recipient’s address. To do that, you can either type in the symbols manually or copy them from another app and paste here. (By the way, you might need to type one symbol, then tap near it, see a grey drop sign, click on it and click “paste” and finally delete the symbol you typed at the start. Without that symbol, the drop might not appear).

If you don’t want to waste your time with typing, you can click on the QR code symbol and take the picture of the QR code from your recipient.

Specify the amount you want to send and click “Next”.

Checking transactions

A good thing about Noah Coin is that you can always see the history of your transactions. Click on “Transactions” at the bottom.

Here, you can see all your transactions. If you have just sent some tokens, the transaction might not show up here immediately. Just give it some time. If it’s showing here, it means that it has been completed successfully.

Restoring Wallet

You might need to restore your wallet if your device breaks down or you delete the app.

When you install the app again, this will be the first page that you see. Select “Restore from backup”.

At the next page, you will need to paste the keystore from the file where you saved it. (By the way, you might need to type one symbol, then tap near it, see a grey drop sign, click on it and click “paste” and finally delete the symbol you typed at the start. Without that symbol, the drop might not appear.)

After that, type in your password, check the Terms and click “Import”.

And you are done!

As you can see, Noah Wallet makes sure that all processes are easy and intuitive so that newcomers can learn to use the app in just a couple minutes. Noah Wallet makes it possible to transfer value wherever you are. Anyone who needs to make regular transfers across borders and who looks to cut fees will surely like using this app.

And we are not alone. Major Philippines banks are starting to wake up to crypto playing a growing role in remittances. This clearly shows that projects like ours will see a huge spike in demand with more adoption by mainstream users.

Download it for Android in Google Store or for iOS in App Store. It’s completely free. Test it out yourself and see how it works. The development team made sure that you don’t have to deal with any complex tech and can transfer value in a couple of clicks. Install it on your mobile phone or tablet computer, so that you always have it with you wherever you go.

To keep track of the latest developments in the Noah Project, make sure that you join our communities on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.



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