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Open Up the World with Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are gradually changing the ways in which we pay, transact or travel. Companies like Noah Project help to spearhead an adoption of virtual currencies and blockchain technology globally.

And what about having fun and opening the world around us? Can cryptocurrencies help us enjoy experiences when we see new places and enjoy new purchases?

Where luxury meets cryptocurrencies

Today, a new type of businesses has appeared, which seeks to help crypto enthusiasts make purchases directly in crypto.

One of them being — WhiteCompany, it accepts payments in virtual currency and offers gold bars, Lamborghinis and world’s finest watches.

WhiteCompany helps purchase most experienced products

In addition to the products on display, the team can help buyers make their dreams come true, however exquisite and unusual they might be. As an example, in only a couple of a days, WhiteCompany has helped to arrange the top-notch seats at Super Bowl, with only crypto being used to transact.

See the world through crypto

There’s no doubt that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is the main goal for the crypto community. And, although, we can’t freely transact in cryptocurrencies while traveling around the world, venues accepting cryptocurrencies pop up.

Coinmap is a great service, where you can see the local map and explore places that accept crypto, wherever you are.

Coinmap helps you find places that accept crypto

For instance, you might come across a restaurant with an ocean view or take part in a tasting, organized by a champagne club in Perth, Australia.

Adding such places to your plan can be a fun new way to see the world, whenever you travel to a new place.

Learn about “Crypto City”

In Puerto Rico, a whole crypto city might be on the rise, as a group of crypto enthusiasts has come together in the town of San Juan. They plan to settle down here, bringing their interest for crypto, decentralization and blockchain.

These crypto devotees have a vision for a city that will be built from scratch, leveraging smart contracts and cryptocurrencies from the very beginning. They named the city “Sol”. While it’s still unclear how the grand vision to build the blockchain-powered city will be delivered, some of crypto enthusiasts are already touring the nearby locations and looking for villas to buy. Irrespective of the future development, they seem set on settling down here and simply enjoy with lots of sun, palms and ocean.

Brock Pierce, one of the leaders of the movement, says that “there needs to be a place where people are free to invent”. And Puerto Rico can be a great place to do it. It offers favorable approach to taxation, stunning views and sunny beaches.

While Puerto Rico has faced a range of major problems, including an outflow of population, failing infrastructure and devastation, brought on by the hurricane Maria last year, the new city might help draw new people, who look to set up businesses in a tropical paradise.

Travel to “Crypto Resort”

The Noah Project plans to open the Noah Resort in the Philippines, where visitors will be able to pay both in cryptocurrencies and fiat. Those who choose to transact in Noah Coin, which is the native token of the Noah Project, will enjoy significant discounts when making purchases there.

This mixed-use resort that is to be located in the northern part of the Mindanao Island will offer a wide range of various sports and leisure activities, including golfing, river cruises, kayaking, scuba diving and more.

Visitors will be able to spend crypto without any need for intermediaries like banks or exchanges making their lives much easier. Stunning views on mountains, coves and fine beaches are expected to draw tourists from all around the world.

Noah Coin will circulate throughout all projects, delivered by the Noah Project and will win from a growing demand by users and members. You can buy Noah Coins at numerous exchanges like HitBTC, Changelly, Livecoin, Mercatox, Yobit and BTC-Alpha.

Join us on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter to keep track of the latest updates of the Noah Project and learn more about cryptocurrencies overall.



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