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Top Android apps working with Noah Coin

Almost 32 million people are using blockchain wallets and are ready to spend their digital money on various services and goods starting from a cup of coffee to Lamborghini. The crypto transactions are cheaper, faster, and more reliable than the bank ones. Besides, virtual coins open doors to the shopping world before about 1.7 billion unbanked adults.

A great number of special applications allow crypto holders to easily manage their digital assets with their smartphones. How to choose the best app to control your Noah Coins? Our team selected the most efficient Android solutions, including crypto wallets, portfolio trackers, and payment gateways.

Storing Noah Coins: Wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is just like a bank account which is used to store, receive, and send your virtual currency. Whether you want to trade in cryptocurrencies, have them as your assets, or use them for shopping, you will need the wallet. Since our Noah Coin is based on the ERC20 platform, you can download any Ethereum wallet. It’s difficult to find a pearl in the ocean of different applications, that’s why we chose the most useful tools.

MyEtherWallet is considered as one of the best solutions that allow crypto owners to keep their private keys on their PCs rather than on the third-party servers. This feature considerably increases the level of security and enables users to regularly backup the wallet. In addition, MEW has a built-in ETH to BTC swap facility and supports other ERC20 tokens on the platform.

Trust is a reliable and simplistic mobile wallet app that supports a wide range of ERC20 tokens. It stores holders’ private keys locally on their devices, which allows them to be in control of their assets 24/7. Another important feature is that Trust enables you to stay totally anonymous because the app doesn’t require users to share any personal data.

Of course, we must mention our Noah Wallet that was specially developed by the project team to permit our Noah community to smoothly handle their assets. There are plans to add other cryptocurrencies to the wallet in the future. When working on this app, we were focused on its security and usability. Noah Wallet can boast of a simple interactive interface, a hassle-free registration process, a backup functionality, a transaction history, as well as a quick and seamless nature of transactions through QR codes.

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Exchanging Noah Coins: Portfolio trackers

The bearish year of 2018 made crypto traders pull their hair and bite their nails when they looked at the charts. Nevertheless, some of them managed to turn the declining market to their advantage with the help of portfolio trackers that allowed them to sell the highs and buy back the lows.

Therefore, we did your job and are glad to represent the list of top 3 cryptocurrency portfolio management apps. We think one of them would become your indispensable assistant and help you wisely dispose of your Noah Coins that you can acquire on 7 crypto exchanges, namely Changelly, BTC-Alpha, Mercatox, LiveCoin, YoBit, and Ataix.

The distinctive feature of Delta is that this app tracks obscure cryptos and startups that aren’t available on the main exchanges yet. It includes 5,000+ altcoins and provides real-time market prices and charts. Users can set up a Watchlist to monitor coins they want to acquire, apply API keys to connect to their exchange accounts, as well as sync with their wallets in order to import all their holdings and trades in one place. Delta also makes it possible to restore the account if required.

Blockfolio supports 8,000+ cryptocurrencies and works with 207 exchanges which already sounds promising. The app notifies traders about the price movements, trend changes, and other events that occur in the crypto space. With Blockfolio, you’re able to add several portfolios, classify them into different categories, and track them independently. The backup and sync functions also help you manage your money more efficiently. If you want to always remain aware of the latest crypto market news, Blockfolio is your number one choice.

If you have a lot of different wallet or exchange accounts, Gem is the instrument you need. It automatically syncs all your balances and trading history across more than 20 exchanging services, which eliminates the need to add your trades manually by that saving your time. Gem has an easy-to-use and bright cartoon interface. Its Discovery section familiarizes users with the prices, looks for market gainers and losers, opens whitepapers, etc.

Did the portfolio tracker apps help you increase your profit by several times? Tell us your story of success!

Spending Noah Coins: Payment gateways

Are you a shopaholic rather than a trader? Then turn your attention to payment gateways, the solutions that grant you access to numerous stores and new markets on a global basis. We entered into several strategic partnerships with the leading payment processors so that you can spend your Noah Coins on a diverse number of things.

The cooperation with PayRemit, one of the payment gateways in the Philippines , added Noah Coin to the portfolio of more than 100 online stores, such as a gift remittance & payment platform Sendah, an e-gift platform Sarisari , a bakeshop chain Goldilocks, and many others. Furthermore, the listing of Noah Coin on the Canadian payment processor CoinPayments enabled you to join 2.4 million shops and service providers in more than 180 countries.

Have you already tested PayRemit or CoinPayments? Let’s compare our impressions!

If you want to increase your experience in dealing with virtual currencies, try our Noah Pay, a blockchain-based set of tools that makes crypto payments more convenient. The application has a user-friendly interface and a two-factor authentication that protects your account from unauthorized access. You can track your transaction history and make payments instantly with a QR code. Like all our products, both versions of Noah Pay for merchants and purchasers are freely available for download.

We’re confident that all these solutions rouse more and more people to let cryptocurrencies into their lives and enjoy all the wonderful opportunities they provide. For this reason, we continue to introduce various solutions to you and create our own products that help you effectively control your funds.

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