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Will Ethereum hard fork attract bulls?

The crypto community is waiting with bated breath for one of the largest hard forks of 2019 — Ethereum Constantinople. This event will undoubtedly have a great impact on the price of both ETN and Ethereum-based altcoins. Of course, the Noah team stakes that your ERC-20 Noah Coin will also ride the wave!

What’s the big deal about Ethereum hard fork?

Is this much ado about nothing or Constantinople is really able to do something special that will boost the cryptocurrency market? This hard fork will be built on the 7,280,000th block, which is expected to improve network efficiency and performance. But how?

The developers intend to transfer the ETH network from the current proof-of-work (PoW) to the more energy efficient proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. This should cheapen smart contracts, simplify the verification process, make the pricing method fairer, improve the network performance and scalability, as well.

The cryptocurrency market participants believe that once implemented, Constantinople will bring good results to the branch. A range of major trading platforms including Huobi Global, OKEx, BitForex, KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase, and others have welcomed and confirmed their support of the Ethereum hard fork. The exchanges declared that they would recommend traders to deposit their ETH coins to their accounts, which will be completely secured.

What do crypto experts say about the coming hard fork? Ian McLeod, the tech expert at art-tech agency Thomas Crown Art, is confident that Constantinople will rocket the ETH price.

It seems the approaching hard fork has already had a good impact on Ethereum because the coin has behaved very positively in recent months. ETH reached one of the lowest values in more than a year at the beginning of December when it fell to $83. But then the approaching Constantinople did its job, and the coin was traded at $140 on the first day of 2019. The crypto world and, particularly, ERC-20 tokens are dying to know what will happen after the update.

How does Noah Coin feel expecting Constantinople?

The Noah team is also looking forward to this momentous event. Will our Noah Coin be able to get in the hard fork spotlight? By the way, our token continues to successfully struggle with the bearish market. Its market cap and price slightly grew as compared to early February. On the first day of the month, Noah Coin was traded at $0.000180. Our internal token managed to pull itself up to $0.000192 by the middle of the month. Its market cap amounted to $5,879,295 and $6,288,919, respectively. Are you intrigued, community?

While we’re waiting for the Constantinople implementation, you can seize the moment and acquire Noah Coin right now! The token is currently available on 7 large international cryptocurrency exchanges, such as HitBTC, Changelly, BTC-Alpha, Mercatox, LiveCoin, YoBit, and Ataix. If you have not been acquainted with trading platforms yet, follow our detailed manuals.

Noah is making progress while others are waiting

What if the success does not depend on any external pushes, such as hard forks? Our Noah train is steadily following its own path thanks to strategic partnerships and launched solutions.

We entered into cooperation with PayRemit, one of the Philippine’s largest payment gateways, which allowed the Noah community to make purchases with their Noah Coins at more than 100 stores of our partner’s network. The collaboration with the Canada-based processing platform CoinPayments made it possible to expose our token to more than 2 million merchants from 182 countries.

Our specialists developed and launched several crypto solutions to make your dealing with digital assets smoother and more comfortable. They include a user-friendly and secured Noah Wallet that accepts Noah Coins and other major currencies, and can be freely downloaded and installed on any Android or iOS device.

In addition, we created Noah Pay, a set of payment tools that allows customers and merchants to make fast, cheap, safe, and seamless transactions. Noah Pay can be freely downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

We believe that we can make the crypto world simple and understandable for everyone. That’s why we don’t stop developing and launching innovative solutions and new products that become an integral part of the Noah ecosystem. It includes a future crypto hub Noah City and a high-tech travelers’ dream Noah Resort, where visitors will be able to spend their Noah Coins across the whole ecosystem and get special privileges, discounts, cash-backs, and other pleasant things.

Don’t waste your time waiting for Ethereum hard fork, enjoy the opportunities provided by Noah Coin right now!

To learn more about the Noah Project, visit our official website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as join our growing Telegram community.



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