I work for a software development company, but I don’t code.

Here’s how things look behind the scenes…

The minute hand slowly shifts towards eleven as I impatiently fidget with my phone trying to recall the last two digits to the Nobilis Bank account. I’m struggling through my Public international Law class, as I am frustrated, fatigued and not to mention terribly famished. I can’t wait for the lecturer to wrap it up.

What the hell were those two digits?

“Class is dismissed!” bellows the lecturer, and I do not think twice before I rush from class and glide towards the school’s coffee bar. I need a shot of espresso, and then I’ll be off to the bank. Hopefully I’ll be quick enough to bank the cheque, grab a quick lunch and be back in school within an hour for my afternoon class.

This is just one of the very frequent scenarios that have made their way into my day to day life since I joined Nobilis a year ago. Nobilis is a tech company that specialises in full stack software development of web applications and ‘* management systems’ (where * can be literally anything you can think of). I shan’t get into the technical jargon lest I disinterest you — not that I am better off with the specifics of programming anyway :).

Unlike my 4 other team members, I can confidently say that I do not code. At all. Nothing. Nada. I call myself the “operations clerk”. My job entails, running errands on behalf of the company, outsourcing services, managing accounts, and of course, offering legal advice on matters compliance or otherwise whenever possible.

A year ago, when Martin asked me to join Nobilis as a part time employee, I was excited but quite perplexed. He knew I had no experience whatsoever in HTML, let alone Ruby on Rails. It was like hiring a butcher as a surgeon.

Still, I was excited, because I had the opportunity to experience the thrills and intrigues of what it means to be involved in a budding tech on this side of the world. Twelve months down the line, I have finally come to understand what my bosses were all too prudent to realise then.

A tech company is not just about coding.

It’s about having a dynamic team that provides different perspectives and fills different gaps in the running of a company, a sense of accountability and responsibility to your workmates, a breath of fresh air in a somewhat stuffy room. I have come to learn that building a successful enterprise is more about accommodating a myriad of endless ideas, suggestions, dynamism and of course leaving room for lots of mistakes which certainly make you grow.

Back to the present day…

I have just managed to make it in time for class after banking the overdue cheque. I still have to finish up looking into cyber security insurance on top of finalising the income statements. But, strangely enough, I’m getting more and more excited with the increasing responsibilities of working behind the scenes to ensure that Nobilis runs smoothly. Our team’s synergy charges me up, and keeps us all going. The possibilities are endless…

…89, the digits were 89.

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