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Unveiling Noble.AI’s New Product Branding

At Noble, we are building AI for the world of science. We challenged ourselves to establish two new, ownable, and iconic brands for our products that celebrate our company’s foundation and vision.

By: Kate Fabrizio & Dennis Steir

Introducing: Noble Reactor™

Formerly known as Intelligent Recommendation Engine, Noble Reactor™ is our advanced AI platform designed to help enterprise R&D teams bring new products to market faster. Created with the specific workflows and requirements of those teams in mind, Reactor enables customers to hone in on solutions with vastly less data than other approaches, by integrating relevant scientific laws and conducting multiple customized experiments at one time.

We decided to rebrand Intelligent Recommendation Engine as Noble Reactor™ — the ultimate common representation of our user’s ambitions and a nod to our company’s foundation in fusion physics.

Introducing: Noble Blueprint™

Formerly known as Universal Ingestion Engine, Noble Blueprint™ is a platform that allows R&D teams to ingest, structure, normalize and make their data searchable at an unprecedented rate. In addition, we’re excited to announce we have integrated the capabilities of our Data Compressor product right into Blueprint — adding compression to its already robust ingestion capabilities, and helping R&D operations scale to the cloud even more effectively.

At its core, Blueprint is an AI tool that brings a user’s most important pieces of data into focus. We wanted our branding to reflect that essential idea. Many of our customers are working on highly complex problems — like creating more performant chemistries and sequencing DNA for applications in developing new immunotherapies — where there are millions, or hundreds of millions of possibilities. Much like honing in on the key ingredient in the chemical recipe, or the key portion of the DNA sequence, Blueprint is a tool that helps R&D professionals gain a unique bird’s-eye view of what’s important in their data.

Noble Blueprint™ creates an operationally-useful model of customers’ relevant source materials, providing a concrete foundation for innovation and discovery.

Honoring our foundations with design.

With Noble Blueprint™ and Noble Reactor™, from the start we knew we wanted our products to be able to stand alone as two unique, branded entities. At the same time, it was critical to us that the names, visual treatments, and overall brands of the products not only speak to their capabilities, but also celebrate Noble’s foundations and deep commitment to the sciences.

Our process involved exploring thousands of names and visual treatments across a variety of approaches. Ultimately, we landed on solutions that we felt best reflected the power and vision of our products — all making use of ownable, yet minimal, visual allusions that ground the Reactor and Blueprint in science.

This detail of the Noble Reactor™ logo loosely references elements of an actual fusion reactor.

Through our process, one of our challenges was ensuring that our new product brands were not only meaningful, but also versatile. Maintaining high legibility and recognition across all potential sizes, placements, and treatments meant minimizing the complexity of the graphics, while at the same time preserving and enhancing their meaning.

In Noble Blueprint™, the unique line pattern is representative of DNA sequence and image spectroscopy science.

R&D professionals at world-leading companies like Solvay are already leveraging Noble to achieve more across data integration, knowledge management, and invention.

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About Noble.AI
Noble.AI builds AI tools that lower the cost of enterprise R&D. Our mission is to partner with the world’s most important R&D organizations, to accelerate their process of innovation and help them bring products to market faster. By structuring and centralizing access to complex data, and by automatically ruling out candidate experiments that could never occur in the real world, the Noble Platform enables R&D teams to work with vastly higher productivity to achieve innovation.

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