Stat of the Day: Kyle Schwarber walk rate

Despite his misfortunes, the Cubs’ leadoff hitter is the best at something.

The Cubs aren’t off to a great start this season (21–19) and neither is Kyle Schwarber. Right now, Schwarber is a below-league-average hitter with a wRC+ of 87 and has an OPS of .696.

While he’s not the best leadoff hitter in the league by any stretch, Schwarber is at least atop the leadoff hitter stats in one category.

For leadoff hitters this year (with at least 140 plate appearances), Schwarber leads the league with a base-on-balls percentage of 14.1 percent.


Has Schwarber’s walk rate truly helped him? No. Clearly not really. Out of the class of leadoff hitters (still with 140 PA or more), Schwarber is 12th of 17 with an OBP of .319 and is second in strikeout percentage at 26.4 percent.

Schwarber is doing a lot of things wrong, but he’s doing one thing well, so he’s got that going for him.