Nockwood Reading for 2018

Last years Nockwood reading was one of my most popular. You can read it here (if you want to review it!):

First card signifies the object of the reading: Well, that’s quite a start. The Ace of Coins. This card is a card of power that comes when things come together and are connected. Because this card is in the first position, ‘the object’, this means there is something in this year that you will need to seize control of and get to grips with. Whatever it is, 2018 is the time to make shit happen. Stop asking others, being cautious, procrastinating or waiting for the perfect moment. This year, it’s time to make that call. This will require connecting or reconnecting some dots. It will require you to step back from the minutia and make some big decisions…but at the end of the day, there’s something amazing, important and incredibly worthwhile that can be achieved.

The second card signifies the personal qualities you need to tap into: The Pioneer card tells you that in this year, you have to be think differently about what progress is. You keep bashing at the same old challenges and hitting the same old roadblocks and can’t seem to see a way around them. Well, maybe it’s you, not them. Maybe you’ve got a bit predictable in how you are doing things and what you expect to happen. The inner symbol of the inward facing triangle (Hearts) is telling you to be more creative, imaginative and adventurous in how you solve problems. Connect the dots in new ways, kill some sacred cows and think about a path forward that may be surprising, unexpected, off the beaten path or unconventional. 2018 is the year to free yourself from your old ways of thinking and find a new, different path on which you can move forward.

The third card signifies the actions you will need to take: The Craftsman card says it all really. If this is something you’ve worked on for years, then 2018 is the time to tap into that experience and wisdom. Craftsmen don’t just keep doing the same old stuff, they continually advance their craft, inventing new and better ways to do what they do. The world is constantly changing and so must you. You will need to learn new things and pick up new skills if you are to stay ahead in your game. If this is something new for you, take the time to understand what you are getting into. Learn what’s ahead. Tap into the wisdom of others. Listen to them and learn from them. The pentagon tells you there are different perspectives to be considered, so don’t over simplify, jump to conclusions, think you know it all or take short cuts.

The final card represents the ultimate outcome: A second Ace. The ace of Flags is a card of the collective. Your actions in 2018 will have an impact, not just on yourself, but on others…What you have to do will benefit a broader community, family, employees, a specific community or the greater good of society. What you are doing is not just for you— Your efforts will have consequences for others. You will need to work out how they can participate and what they can do for you. Make sure these impacts are positive and if they are, anticipate how they might be able to help you as you help them. 2018 is the year for thinking beyond yourself and creating stronger connections, and collaborations with others.

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