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App Highlights: Apify

Apify is a software platform that pulls data from websites, crawls URL lists, and automates web activities. With Apify, you can convert any website into an API in a matter of minutes! Apify is an excellent piece of software for online scraping, web automation, and web integration. You may use Apify to construct and manage actors, which are serverless cloud applications that operate on the Apify platform and can do computational tasks such as sending an email or crawling a website with millions of pages.

Top Apify Integrations with famous applications.

Publish the results of fresh Apify crawler runs to Google Sheets spreadsheets.

Pasting CSV data into a spreadsheet isn’t the best use of your time. When a crawler run on Apify completes, it will automatically transfer the information into a row in a chosen Google Sheets spreadsheet, saving you the time and effort of manual entry.

2. Apify-Gmail Integration

When the Apify crawler findings change from past runs, you will receive emails from Gmail.

When one of your Apify crawlers returns different results, you’ll receive an email notification via Gmail.

3. Apify-Slack Integration

Get Slack notifications for newly finished Apify crawler runs

You don’t have to keep checking whenever a crawler is done running. Set up this integration, and whenever a run finishes on Apify, we’ll post all the details to a Slack channel of your choice so you and the team can know what was discovered.

Why not spend a few minutes creating your favourite Apify workflows using Quickwork to help you gain a better insight into your business.



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