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App of the Day: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign provides several marketing technologies, including CRM, email marketing automation, and marketing automation, to aid in the creation of a positive customer experience. It may be used in various businesses, including B2B and e-commerce. It increases consumer interaction and aids in the conversion of sales leads. You may easily customise your email marketing newsletters for each consumer.

Here are a few integrations using ActiveCampaign

  1. ActiveCampaign — Facebook Leads Ads

Update ActiveCampaign contacts with new Facebook Lead Ads leads:

When a new lead submission is discovered from Facebook Lead Ads, Quickwork will instantly create new contacts or update an existing match on ActiveCampaign.

2. ActiveCampaign — Typeform

Make fresh Typeform form submissions to ActiveCampaign subscribers:

Quickwork integration can take care of this for you automatically, monitoring your form for new submissions and adding ActiveCampaign subscribers as needed.

3. ActiveCampaign — Mailchimp

Subscribers from new Mailchimp lists should be added to ActiveCampaign contacts:

Quickwork makes it simple to add new subscribers to your contacts list. Once you’ve set up the Mailchimp-ActiveCampaign integration, new subscribers will be added as contacts immediately.

4. ActiveCampaign — Google Sheets

Add new ActiveCampaign subscribers to Google Sheets rows when they are added to lists.

When you add a new subscriber to ActiveCampaign, this journey will be activated, and it will automatically transfer all of that data to Google Sheets, creating a new row for each one.

Start with Quickwork if you want a personalized journey with your favorite apps!



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